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07 Jan

Important Astrological Forecast for mid-January

It’s Wednesday and I have some major updates on Mercury for you today.

I love this quote from Steve Jobs for today’s forecast: “Do not let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

Mercury and Venus will continue to work their way in close tandem through Capricorn until mid January. What is most interesting about these two as they move through Capricorn (and Aquarius too), is that they will be under the control of Saturn and Mars.

To add to the complexity of this transit, they will also be closely conjunct when they receive an exact aspect from Rahu early in the morning (pst) on January 14. Rahu represents tremendous desire and the combination of the Mars/Saturn exchange can be fueled by Rahu and lead to potential frustration. Venus and Mercury will be influenced by every malefic planet most significantly starting early morning January 13 through the morning of January 15. Mark your calendar in bold with BREATHE on these dates!

So how do these transits potentially influence us? Excess vata, and some pitta will prevail during mid-January. Particularly if you are naturally prone to Vata disturbances and you are (sidereal) Taurus, Gemini, Virgo or LIbra rising. Or, if you have key planets like Sun, Moon or your lagna close to the 18-22 degree range of Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus (like I do!). NOW is a good time now to start taking measures reduce your vata!

Pranayama and yoga is excellent for Vata disturbances. Dr. Lad has an amazing pranayama video on the Ayurvedic Institute site – highly recommend! I will be revisiting this one myself in the next week! Or take a hike, go swimming, walk on the beach. Whatever you can do to remain grounded during this short time period.

For those who find mantras to be very calming, you can chant the traditional mantra for Mercury “Aum Bum Budhaya Namah” on Wednesdays or you can change a mantra to Vishnu, “Aum Namo Narayanaya”. If you are not sure about pronunciation just copy and paste these mantras in to youtube and you will find many wonderful audio recordings.

At the same time Sun will be straddling the gap between Pisces and Capricorn and very weak January 13-15. All of these transits combined point to the fact that it is not a great time to make important or life changes decisions like starting a new business or learning how to base jump.

Finally, Moon is debilitated early afternoon January 15 through January 17 and with Saturn. Another period to mark on your calendar with BREATHE. 🙂 Sleep may be disturbed during this time — another day to eat a vata reducing diet and spend some time grounding yourself before sleep.

Communication, business matters, education and relationships in general may feel the stress of the current Mars, Saturn exchange (check my post about this exchange a few days ago) until Mercury, Venus and Sun finally make their way through Capricorn and Aquarius. More to come on this as we have a Mercury retrograde phase coming soon.

But for now it is best to not allow the noise of other people (or planets!) drown out your own inner voice! Trust your heart and your intuition. And wear some green on Wednesdays!

Digital art: Mercury microphone mandala — Pamela McDonough


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22 Oct

The Transit of Venus: Three Important Weeks Ahead!

The good news is that Venus
(Shukra) the planet of love, beauty, art and procreation has finally
left its sign of debilitation (Virgo/Kanya) and has moved into its own
sign of Libra (Thula) for the next three weeks. 

This article shares some important upcoming influences to Venus in the next three weeks.

While Venus is transiting Libra
there will be some icnteresting planetary interactions along with the
entanglement of Venus in the Solar eclipse on October 23rd. There will
also be a meeting between Venus, the Sun and the servant, Saturn. 

Shortly after the Solar
eclipse,Venus will meet the Sun on October 25. Whenever a planet
transits close the Sun it is almost like an eclipse of the transiting

Think about it like this; if
you were looking at the Sun in the day sky and there was a planet next
to it, which one would you see shining brightly? 

The Sun! It is so big and bright that you are not be able see anything that comes close to it. 

The various meanings and things
that Venus symbolizes along with the indications of the sign Libra
(procreation, trade, relationships) will not be strongly supported
during the eclipse and the conjunction with the Sun.

Once Venus moves past the Sun
it will still remain in a very close relationship with the Sun through
the first week of November. At the same time Venus will be hemmed in
between the debilitated Sun and exalted Saturn while in Libra. This is a
very interesting configuration. 

This places the planet of love
and relationships in the middle of these two planetary enemies. It may
have us considering where the balance is in our personal relationships.
Or we may seek a new-found humility as we interact with those we love.

Broadly, this transit also may
raise issues around justice in terms of the distribution of wealth,
opportunities, and privileges (particularly as it relates to
relationships) within any given society.

Venus finally breaks free from this Sun/Saturn sandwich on November 12 after a meeting with Saturn in early Scorpio.

Between the eclipse and the
interactions of the Venus with Sun and Saturn this would suggest that
important issues and decisions related to Venus and Libra (also at it
relates specifically to your chart, may best be delayed until

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog!

You can schedule a reading with me here to better understand how this important transit may affect your life experience.




~ Painting by Josephine Wall

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25 Mar

Planetary News Flash!

Mars Yantra

Planetary energy of the day — News Flash!

Mars dipped its toes back into sidereal Virgo last night (pdt) for a retrograde phase that finally ends May 19 P.D.T. Mars will not return to Libra until mid July.

While Mars is in the late degrees of Virgo through the end of this month it will be a sensitive time for Mars related issues.

To honor Mars make sure to wear something red today. If your person

al energy is low you can chant the Hanuman Chalisa. Or to do a major overhaul of your relationship with Mars you can start to work with the Yantra and mantra for Mars.

Depending upon our individual horoscope Mars also connects to two houses of the horoscope and therefore two parts of our lives.

For example Libra rising — Mars owns the seventh house of relationships and the second house of family and accumulated wealth, the face and our teeth specifically. Depending upon your individual horoscope there may be major things taking place around these parts of your life at this time.

Mantra yantra and other remedial measures can help!

Important dates for your calendar:

May 19 – Mars goes direct

July 13 – Mars returns to Libra

If you want to read more about these unusual retrograde transits I share more details in this articlehttp://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/03/planetary-mash-up-happening-now-just-this-once-in-the-last-1000-years-pamela-mcdonough/

Mars yantra sculpture pictured 36" x 36".

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19 Mar

Vata Sandwich Today and Tomorrow!

The Moon is now transiting in between the two most vata inducing planets — Rahu and Saturn. A vata sandwich of sorts for today and until late tomorrow evening (PDT).

Stay grounded with vata reducing foods, yoga, meditation with yantra so you can easily maintain your focus and ease over the course these two windy days!

Here is a short video with some simple and excellent Ayurvedic tips from Aparna Khanolkar on how to best manage vata energy during this time.

Aum Namo Narayanaya!

Saturn Yantra pictured 36" x 36"

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07 Mar

Planetary Energy of the Day – Venus

Venus goes to work.

The beauty and love bound Venus is making it’s way through Capricorn right now, and it is under the influence! That is, the influence of Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, Mars and the Moon (Moon by sign aspect/rashi drishti)!

If you are Libra or Taurus rising and ruled by Venus you may feel like you are in the cosmic convergence zone right now!

Here’s why.

Saturn’s influence is among the strongest of the bunch because for the next seven weeks or so Venus and Saturn are connecting in a very unique way. Saturn is retrograde right now transiting in Libra — the sign owned by Venus. And Venus will be transiting Capricorn and Aquarius — the two signs owned by Saturn.

We can think of this situation like you were swapping houses with a friend for a few weeks. You would be connecting all of the time to figure out where certain things were located in the house. Using each others cooking utensils, towels, etc.. You would have a dramatic influence on one another during this time! 

It is a similar experience with Saturn and Venus right now.

Saturn also has two roommates along for the ride in Venus’s house.

And these three planets, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are not a happy bunch as they don’t really get along together all that well especially when they are all together. 

Venus feels the energy of these three planets from Capricorn right now. 

Capricorn is an earthy sign that has a very pragmatic, structured and business minded influence on Venus while in this house. 

I chose this photographic specifically to connect with energy of today and Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Venus.

Photo credit – Marloes ten Bhömer

Can you tell which elements and colors in the photograph connect to which planetary energy or meaning? 

The colors, the action of the girl, the clothing, and all the rest connect to planetary energy. Now you have a small insight into how my brain works when it comes to art, color and Jyotish! A little scary…. 🙂

Post your answers on our page https://www.facebook.com/YantraAndMandalaArt I thought it might be fun to see what you think! Don’t be shy!

I will post the final answers on our FB page at the end of the day today! The winner will receive the yantra or mandala greeting card of their choice. 

Thanks for taking time to read my words…and happy Venus day!

Namaste, Pamela

The image in the post is credited to an incredible shoe artist/designer – "Critically acclaimed designer Marloes ten Bhömer produces shoes that are both provocative and otherworldly. Her work fuses artistic and technological experiment in order to discover shoes anew. Ten Bhömer’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally and she gives lectures about her work worldwide. She takes on challenging commissions from galleries and private clients."


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24 Feb

Planetary Energy of the Day – Monday!

Happy Moonday! 

The Moon in the horoscope is connected to our minds…not the rational analytical thinking part of the mind that relates to the planet Mercury. But the deep, emotional and intuitive connection with our minds.

In the natural order of the zodiac the Moon rules the constellation of Cancer and the 4th house which connects to desire, home, happiness, mother and our physical and emotional hearts. It is also deeply connected to attraction and our ability to attract others into our lives. 

The Moon is also directly associated with our capacity to nurture ourselves and others. The state of our Moon and our emotional minds is what determines our inner own happiness and how open our heart chakra becomes.

The phases of the Moon and the planets that aspect the moon are very important as it makes its way through the 12 houses of the zodiac.

This week the Moon has left its sign of debilitation and is heading through fiery Sagittarius today with Venus. The Moon does however still receive the aspect from somber Saturn for almost two more days. 

Then off to practical Capricorn with retrograde Mercury and aspected by fiesty Mars until finally entering Aquarius for the new Moon on just after midnight (PST) on the first day of March. Stay cool and don’t become frustrated if things do not fall into place on in the next few days. 

You may feel your energy waning along with the deep waning phase of the Moon the day before new on March 1…a great time for introspection and meditation. The moon yantra particularly aids with this attunement to the lunar energy, promoting peace of mind and calm emotional waters.

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