25 Mar

Planetary News Flash!

Pamela McDonough
Pamela is Vedic astrologer and artist. She is an avid student of the ancient Indian arts and sciences and her passion for the Vedic Sciences evolved organically out of her own personal quest for alternatives to western medicine for lifestyle and stress management. Her quest began in 2001 and resulted in her studying with amazing gurus that carry ancient lineages from India in Jyotish and the sacred art of yantras and mandalas. Along with her astrology practice Pamela collaborates with her husband Mick creating yantra and mandala sculptures for yoga studios, retreat centers, spas and personal collectors. You can see their art and find out how to schedule an astrology reading at www.yantramandala.com
Pamela McDonough

Mars Yantra

Planetary energy of the day — News Flash!

Mars dipped its toes back into sidereal Virgo last night (pdt) for a retrograde phase that finally ends May 19 P.D.T. Mars will not return to Libra until mid July.

While Mars is in the late degrees of Virgo through the end of this month it will be a sensitive time for Mars related issues.

To honor Mars make sure to wear something red today. If your person

al energy is low you can chant the Hanuman Chalisa. Or to do a major overhaul of your relationship with Mars you can start to work with the Yantra and mantra for Mars.

Depending upon our individual horoscope Mars also connects to two houses of the horoscope and therefore two parts of our lives.

For example Libra rising — Mars owns the seventh house of relationships and the second house of family and accumulated wealth, the face and our teeth specifically. Depending upon your individual horoscope there may be major things taking place around these parts of your life at this time.

Mantra yantra and other remedial measures can help!

Important dates for your calendar:

May 19 – Mars goes direct

July 13 – Mars returns to Libra

If you want to read more about these unusual retrograde transits I share more details in this articlehttp://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/03/planetary-mash-up-happening-now-just-this-once-in-the-last-1000-years-pamela-mcdonough/

Mars yantra sculpture pictured 36" x 36".

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