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eCourses with Lissa Coffey

c2What is Your Purpose?

Discover How Vedic Knowledge Over 4000 Years Old Can Help You Find Your Life Purpose.

And on the way, uncover the SECRET to YOUR UNIQUENESS.

Lissa Coffey, an Ayurveda, Lifestyle and Relationship expert and the author of 10 popular books, is here to answer one question that all of us ponder… “WHY AM I HERE?”


Capturecourse3The Ayurvedic Balance Diet Club

If you’re always hungry for more, yet never really satisfied, The Ayurvedic Balance Diet Club will fill you up with inspiration and wisdom that you’ll use every single day. This is a plan that brings mindfulness to what we consume physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally. You get a year’s worth of recipes, meditations, videos and more to get you started living the Ayurvedic lifestyle now!


Discover the Most Unusual, Scientific & Practical Biological Method of Making Your Relationships with ANYONE (especially your partner) thrive in 17 different Ways!

Be it choosing the right partner or making it work out better with someone, a science more than 5000 years old will do for your relationships what NOTHING else can!


Capturecourse9Balance and Bliss

Lifestyle expert Lissa Coffey introduces her audience to the beauty and benefits of living an enlightened lifestyle. Whether you’re a long-time vegan or new to the practice, you’ll get some great tips for how to eat mindfully. You’ll be introduced to the six tastes, and learn about the ayurvedic principles of cooking. Then you’ll sit down with Lissa for a primer on meditation. You’ll learn how to meditate and get lots of tips for how to get the most out of your meditation practice. You’ll also learn a variety of different
kinds of meditation so that you can experience them on your own.


Map to HappinessThe Map to Happy

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But if you want to get to that place where you feel happy and at peace no matter what challenges life presents you with, then this is the map for you! The Map to Happy shows you the way to bring simplicity and elegance into your everyday life. It helps you focus on the beautiful aspects of daily living that make the difference between a common life and one filled with magic, mystery, and joy.


Ayurveda Weight Loss Secrets

Ayurveda to Lose Weight and Boost Metabolism is a holistic lifestyle plan. It is so individualized, and yet so practical and easy to implement. It totally changes your relationship with food, as you’ll understand how the food you eat affects you. The simple practices in this course not only help you to get to your ideal weight, they help you to maintain your ideal weight throughout your life.


Finding Peace When Relationships Change

Discover the one law that governs any and every relationship, which will not only help you heal from feelings of loss, pain and estrangement from past relationships but will also help you live richer and happier relationships in the present!

With Lissa Coffey.