24 Feb

Planetary Energy of the Day – Monday!

Pamela McDonough
Pamela is Vedic astrologer and artist. She is an avid student of the ancient Indian arts and sciences and her passion for the Vedic Sciences evolved organically out of her own personal quest for alternatives to western medicine for lifestyle and stress management. Her quest began in 2001 and resulted in her studying with amazing gurus that carry ancient lineages from India in Jyotish and the sacred art of yantras and mandalas. Along with her astrology practice Pamela collaborates with her husband Mick creating yantra and mandala sculptures for yoga studios, retreat centers, spas and personal collectors. You can see their art and find out how to schedule an astrology reading at www.yantramandala.com
Pamela McDonough

Happy Moonday! 

The Moon in the horoscope is connected to our minds…not the rational analytical thinking part of the mind that relates to the planet Mercury. But the deep, emotional and intuitive connection with our minds.

In the natural order of the zodiac the Moon rules the constellation of Cancer and the 4th house which connects to desire, home, happiness, mother and our physical and emotional hearts. It is also deeply connected to attraction and our ability to attract others into our lives. 

The Moon is also directly associated with our capacity to nurture ourselves and others. The state of our Moon and our emotional minds is what determines our inner own happiness and how open our heart chakra becomes.

The phases of the Moon and the planets that aspect the moon are very important as it makes its way through the 12 houses of the zodiac.

This week the Moon has left its sign of debilitation and is heading through fiery Sagittarius today with Venus. The Moon does however still receive the aspect from somber Saturn for almost two more days. 

Then off to practical Capricorn with retrograde Mercury and aspected by fiesty Mars until finally entering Aquarius for the new Moon on just after midnight (PST) on the first day of March. Stay cool and don’t become frustrated if things do not fall into place on in the next few days. 

You may feel your energy waning along with the deep waning phase of the Moon the day before new on March 1…a great time for introspection and meditation. The moon yantra particularly aids with this attunement to the lunar energy, promoting peace of mind and calm emotional waters.

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