19 Mar

Vata Sandwich Today and Tomorrow!

Pamela McDonough
Pamela is Vedic astrologer and artist. She is an avid student of the ancient Indian arts and sciences and her passion for the Vedic Sciences evolved organically out of her own personal quest for alternatives to western medicine for lifestyle and stress management. Her quest began in 2001 and resulted in her studying with amazing gurus that carry ancient lineages from India in Jyotish and the sacred art of yantras and mandalas. Along with her astrology practice Pamela collaborates with her husband Mick creating yantra and mandala sculptures for yoga studios, retreat centers, spas and personal collectors. You can see their art and find out how to schedule an astrology reading at www.yantramandala.com
Pamela McDonough

The Moon is now transiting in between the two most vata inducing planets — Rahu and Saturn. A vata sandwich of sorts for today and until late tomorrow evening (PDT).

Stay grounded with vata reducing foods, yoga, meditation with yantra so you can easily maintain your focus and ease over the course these two windy days!

Here is a short video with some simple and excellent Ayurvedic tips from Aparna Khanolkar on how to best manage vata energy during this time.

Aum Namo Narayanaya!

Saturn Yantra pictured 36" x 36"

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