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23 Jan

Awaken the Divine Wisdom Within You

love and intuition)We all have access to an unlimited and infinite source of guidance and wisdom.  It comes from a source far greater than anything our limited egoic mind can fathom and yet we allow ourselves to receive the information that comes to us from intuition, life flows with ease and grace. Striving and struggle cease to exist, and we experience joy and love in ways we could never create on our own.

In this post I hope to introduce you the the styles of communication in which intuition speaks to you. Intuition is a powerful voice, yet often we are expecting it to be loud, obvious and bold. Yet when your intuition speaks to you, its often very subtle.

Often you are not aware of its presence and guidance and the amazing support it offers you. Most people can relate to a gut feeling and will often comment on things after the fact. They say things like, “I know that was a mistake,” or “If I had only listened to my gut, I would have avoided this.” Conversely you may say things like “I have no idea why I canceled my flight, “ and then find out there were problems with it, and its a good thing that you did cancel.

There are many ways that your intuition communicates with you. The four styles of intuition communication are emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. In this post I will explain briefly each one.


What does it actually mean or what is happening when you feel in your gut? Have you ever really tuned in, paid attention, and let it guide you? Your gut is related to your third chakra, power center, and where many people do connect with intuition.

Those who are physical intuitives will feel that. They tend to experience things through their body, through touch, and through nature. Physical intuitives will also feel other’s pain and discomfort physically They connect more easily to the life force in all living things, including plants, rocks, and animals.

As a healer, during sessions with my clients, whether tapping or doing energy healing through the chakras, my body often communicates with me to guide the sessions.

Here is an example. I was using EFT (tapping) with one of my clients. At some point, I felt my whole body relax and my back open up. When we stopped to check in, I asked her what let go? She smiled broadly and said, “As we were tapping I saw myself playing tennis…” Later in the session, my whole neck got very tense, so I asked my client what was wrong, when we paused tapping. She told me she remembered something that was upsetting, so we were able to address that issue. That is just one expression for physical intuitives.

If I had not been aware of this communication, I would have thought that stiff neck was my pain, rather than communication and guidance to help me work with my client for her highest good.

We will be exploring as well as practicing the full depth of physical intuition as well as the other intuitive styles during Develop Your Intuition Skills.


Emotional intuitives take on the emotions of others. I was speaking with a friend the other day and he told me he was not intuitive. The he shared this experience with me. He had read a post by someone whose posts he ready daily. One morning, nothing was different in her words, yet he felt that something was off. So he reached out and asked her if everything was ok. She was so surprised that he asked because it was not. That was his emotional intuition at work.

Many of my clients are emotional intuitives and it is my dominant style as well. Emotional intuitives work through their heart chakra. An emotional intuitive is like a large satellite that absorbs feelings wherever they go, and can be unsettling especially in large crowds. You may often feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster ride and have no idea why. . It can be overwhelming being an emotional intuitive until you understand it and protect yourself. You will learn how to do that in during Develop Your Intuition Skills.


Mental intuitives like systems and understanding. They thirst for knowledge, continual learning and expanding their minds. They usually love working with numbers and symbols. Many detectives use their mental intuition in solving crimes although they may not be aware that what’s guiding them. A mental intuitive can also receive messages and ideas telepathically from others.

Mental intuitives work from their third eye, or sixth chakra. Then tend see things clairvoyantly. They often know things, yet not sure how or why they know. You can learn more about developing your mental intuitive capacity to your best advantage in Develop Your Intuition Skills.


Finally the spiritual intuitive is usually the least grounded and merely tolerates being in the earthly realm since they crave freedom and openness. They have memories of perfection and have rich dream lives. Spiritual intuitives are able to live in the present more than any other intuitive type, but struggle with organization and time management. They work with angels and guides for their intuitive communication, guidance and strength.

A spiritual intuitive is more likely to see spirits or ghosts as well as communicate with them. They are tuned in through their crown chakra, and encourage us to explore our own spiritual knowing.

During Develop Your Intuition Skills, we will explore the full capacity of being a spiritual intuitive.

Although everyone is able to access his or her intuition in all these styles, everyone has a dominant one. You can learn to tune into and strengthen your dominant intuitive language as well as cultivate all of them.

When you listen to the guidance of your intuition, you become more grounded, confident and peaceful. Life becomes more flow and ease. Your business flourishes when you integrate intuition with logic and strategy. You feel happier and less stressed. For many, you stop feeling overwhelmed; anxious or thinking you are crazy.

It’s time for us to awaken our intuition. Many have shut it down because it wasn’t safe, comfortable or encouraged as children. You may have been berated for seeing people no one else could or knowing things that you possibly could not know. You may have received negative feedback when expressing your intuition, and of course you didn’t know that’s what you were doing. You were just doing what was natural for you. But since you were not encouraged and in most case were discouraged, you felt alone, did not fit in and slowly shut down this part of yourself.

It is time to awaken and remember what you already know for your own highest good and that of the world.

Join me on this discovery and awakening – Develop Your Intuition Skills.

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07 May

What’s Stopping You? Tips to Stop Resisting

Fitness instructors have shared with me that many of their clients are reluctant to commit to a fitness routine.  Underlying their resistance is often fear – who will they be if they lose weight or feel healthier and stronger.  There are so many objections that come up and two of the most common are I am too busy and there is not enough time in the day, So today we are going to bust those fears and empower you to get moving and losing – fear, weight, doubt, old stories and fully express your new found strength.  Whatever change you are wanting to incorporate into your life, this tapping sequence will help you say, "yes" and mean it


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05 May

Do You Know How Amazing You Are?

One of the most difficult things to do I have discovered is to love and accept ourselves.  I had no idea that was at the root cause of so many of my challenges throughout my life.  I learned to act confidently, but deep down I was filled with loathing, self-judgment, and never feeling like I was enough.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I have a feeling there is a part of you that feels this way too, and I know that you are amazing just like I am.

You see, once you really accept that part of yourself, your lives opens up to love, joy, happiness, health and abundance.  I know because as I began to heal my inner pain, my life opened up in ways I could never have dreamed.  I stopped letting pain and illness be my story.  I no longer allowed people to treat me disrespectfully.  I learned to set boundaries and to honor them, so that others would, too.  I stopped repeating family history when it came to lack of financial success.

Relationships that were important to me began to flourish with my attention and love.  I began to release the need to be in relationships that were not healthy. I learned how to forgive, others, and eventually myself.  I stopped giving my power away to everyone else, and begin to embrace my inner rebel instead of hating her.  I created a business that is rewarding on so many levels.  I raised the level on my happiness, love, success, and prosperity ceilings.

I have been willing to do the deep inner work that is necessary to change my life, and the rewards have been bountiful!

Everything starts from within.

So if inside you are not loving, truly loving who you are, your experiences, your pain, your joy – then the outside results will match up to that.  You are amazing and deserve so much more!  I have helped hundreds of women access their inner wisdom where the keys to their freedom lie, and I would like to help you.  You have to believe that you are worth it; you have to believe that you are important enough to receive support, just like I did and continue to do, to reach your highest potential.

For the longest time, I insisted on doing it myself.  I thought there was something wrong with me if I needed help.  Then I realized that we are not meant to struggle.  We are not meant to be isolated.  It is not weak to ask for help.  It is powerful to be collaborative and work together on common visions.  I am so grateful to my mentors, coaches, teachers, healers, friends, and family who saw my potential, held that space for me and helped me become a better version of myself.  I am blessed to continue to have this support.

Do you have that kind of support in your life?  If not, please know there are many ways to receive this support.  If you have a vision of greatness for yourself, then I am here to guide, love, and support you.

If you are wondering if we are a good fit, please watch this video.  Ed Doris, owner of Good Karma Café and the host of “You Are Amazing” which broadcasts on public television in Exeter, NH, interviewed me this week.  He is passionate about making a difference in people’s live and giving back to the world in gratitude for all the love, support, and kindness that has come his way.

He brought tears to my eyes when he introduced me.  He completely caught me off guard when he made a most generous offer to the audience.  You have to watch the video to find out what that it is.  Will you be one of the five who receives his generosity?  If you are seriously wanting to up-level your life and your business, move beyond challenges and blocks, and would love support and guidance, then please take advantage of Ed’s generous offer to cover the cost of a consultation with me.  I hope to speak with you soon!

With love,



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02 May

How to Safely Vent and Tap When Someone Annoys You

It is not always easy to take the high road when someone hurts or upsets you.  A natural reaction is to lash back.  My choice is to come from a loving space, but often I find I need to allow myself to feel what I am really feeling – hurt, upset, disappointed, angry, resentful – and then I can feel more peaceful. However, just venting alone does not always do the trick.  It’s a temporary fix.  Watch this video, and tap with Amy and Cheri to vent your frustrations and release tensions and negative emotions.


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29 Apr

Develop a Practice for Ease & Flow for Life and Work

Life moves fast. Even when this pace is exciting, it can be stressful and overwhelming. In the following video, Cheri helps to remind us how to take a step back, ground ourselves and refocus our energies in a productive manner.



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28 May

Expression and Communication for Healthy Relationships

Our bodies communicate with us daily.  The challenge is learning to
listen.  Aches and pains are
actually alerting us to something.
Often it can be an unexpressed emotion, or something feeling or memory
is being triggered by a current situation.  I have been exploring the abundance of information we can
gleam from our chakras, in this series – centers that filter your energy and
hold meaning for your life issues.

What is so amazing is that can you learn where you may have
blocked energy that is keeping you stuck in unhealthy relationships,
unsatisfying jobs, limiting money issues, unsatisfactory health, or simply
being unhappy.

So far, we’ve looked at your root chakra – center for survival,
instinct, safety and foundation.   We also explored the emotional, creative, and
pleasure that is hidden in our sacral chakra.  Your solar
chakra signifies how we stand in our personal power – your inner strength
and resolve. The fourth chakra
that we reviewed was your heart chakra – where you integrate the security,
emotions and power from your lower chakras to open to giving and receiving love
in relationship with others and also to your spiritual side.

The fifth chakra is associated with sound, creative
self-expression, speech and communication, will and timing. The ability to
speak honestly, to receive, process and assimilate information, and to connect
and speak to your inner truth are all related to the throat chakra.  This is your center of transformation
and change, where you harness your energy to express yourself, from your
spirit, heart and mind. When you are able to express yourself from your
personal truths, you are able to fully develop into whole and balanced
individuals who are capable of sustaining deep and intimate relationships.

Your seven energy centers (chakras) are:

Root Chakra
– Instinctual Need for Survival

Chakra – Pleasure Seeker

Chakra – Power Driver

Chakra – Searching for Love

Throat Chakra – Expressing Your Truth

Brow Chakra – Transcending Beyond Ego

Crown Chakra – Spiritual Awakening

The physical location of your throat chakra is in the throat
and neck and its associated body parts are throat, neck, ears, jaw, mouth,
teeth, gums, tongue, and thyroid gland. The basic issues of your throat chakra
are voice, communication, clairaudience, listening, creativity,
self-expression, image of self, humility, manifesting ideas, vibration,
telepathy, and channeling,

If you have experienced sore throats, strep throats and
tonsillitis, it is likely that you have been holding back on expressing your feelings,
especially anger.  It could old
emotions from childhood that were never acknowledged.  It is important to acknowledge and release old stuck
emotions so that you can express yourself authentically, clearly and

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck
energy in your throat chakra.

1.            Are
you able to express your ideas or thoughts easily?

2.            Are
you open to listening and comprehending other points of view?

3.            In
what areas and with whom are you more comfortable expressing your ideas,
feelings, truths?

4.            Are
you always feeling rushed and like there is never enough time?

5.            Do
you have difficulty speaking up for yourself or holding your own point of view?

6.            Do
you tend to ignore the messages that your body is sending to you?

7.            Do
you worry about what people will think if you speak up?

8.            Where
has your anger been unexpressed or repressed?

9.            Did
you have to listen as a child but not allowed to speak?

10.       Were you allowed to be
creative as a child?

11.            How
would you like to express your creativity – art, writing, song, music, dance,
poetry, speaking, etc.?  Are you?


I’ve created a free meditation to clear, balance, and heal
your chakras, so please accept my free gift to you – a free meditation – A Chakra
Clearing, Balancing and Healing Meditation.

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25 Apr

What is Your Relationship With Pleasure?

I love how powerful we are! Our lives as they exist today are reflective of our deep beliefs about how we deserve to be treated, what relationships are like, and our place in the world.  There are many ways to look at our beliefs and perceptions and to change them.  Using the wisdom of your body and in particular your energy system is one powerful way to access this information.   We began this series with the root chakra, and today we’ll explore the second chakra, your sacral chakra.

Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of your physical bodies, related emotional issues, and represents specific archetypes. Eastern cultures have recognized for centuries the importance of balancing your chakras for optimal emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.  How Your seven energy centers are:

  • Root Chakra – Instinctual Need for Survival
  • Sacral Chakra – Pleasure Seeker
  • Solar Chakra – Power Driver
  • Heart Chakra – Searching for Love
  • Throat Chakra – Expressing Your Truth
  • Brow Chakra – Transcending Beyond Ego
  • Crown Chakra – Spiritual Awakening

Your sacral chakra is located in the area of your navel, lower abdomen, low back and sexual organs. The basic issues affected are creativity, sexuality, money, relationships, empathy, nurturing, pleasure, emotions, movement, change, warmth, and intimacy. It represents your ability to go with the flow – grace and acceptance and allowing yourself to enjoy your life and achievements.  The associated body parts are your hips, lower back, sexual organs, bladder, kidneys, stomach, large intestine, pelvis, appendix, and bodily fluids.

Our roles are affected by the programming in this area of fear of abandonment, financial security, social status, children, and creativity.  You can be controlled by your fears, level of trust, control, blame, guilt and shame. This area is concerned with daily aspects of living, people to whom we relate, and quality of our relationships.  It also relates to everything we own, money, relationships, and passion.

If you are feeling pain or discomfort in your any of these body locations, it may be an indication that there are some emotional issues that need clearing.  I see this every day with my clients.  Low back pain has a high association with money issues among other things.  If you do not have a habit of safely expressing your emotions, it is likely that your lower body is holding onto these emotions until you are ready to process them.  Unexpressed and unprocessed emotions do not go away, they take up residence in your energetic and physical bodies.

Children experience so many things and do not know how to handle them, express them or process them and they become part of your beliefs.  These beliefs are impacting your relationships and your success as an adult.  Remember that the energy travels up through the chakras, so if your root chakra is still holding onto issues of not feeling safe, your sacral chakra is not flowing freely.  Fortunately, we can address this and get your life moving smoothly with ease and grace.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck energy in your sacral chakra.

1.            In what areas do you allow yourself to experience pleasure? Where do you not?
2.            Do you feel creative and sensual?
3.            How often do you do things that you don’t really enjoy?  That you do enjoy?
4.            When you do things for others is it from a genuine desire to be of service or are you really trying to win their approval or love?
5.            Do you have co-dependent relationships? How do you contribute to them?
6.            Do you experience jealousy?
7.            Do you trust that life is abundant and there is always enough? 
8.            Do you allow life to be easy or do you believe you have to struggle and sacrifice and that everything is hard?

If you have not already downloaded my free meditation to clear, balance, and heal your chakras, please accept my free gift to you now – a free meditation – A Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Healing Meditation.



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