25 Apr

What is Your Relationship With Pleasure?

Cheri Valentine

Cheri Valentine

Cheri Valentine

I love how powerful we are! Our lives as they exist today are reflective of our deep beliefs about how we deserve to be treated, what relationships are like, and our place in the world.  There are many ways to look at our beliefs and perceptions and to change them.  Using the wisdom of your body and in particular your energy system is one powerful way to access this information.   We began this series with the root chakra, and today we’ll explore the second chakra, your sacral chakra.

Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of your physical bodies, related emotional issues, and represents specific archetypes. Eastern cultures have recognized for centuries the importance of balancing your chakras for optimal emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.  How Your seven energy centers are:

  • Root Chakra – Instinctual Need for Survival
  • Sacral Chakra – Pleasure Seeker
  • Solar Chakra – Power Driver
  • Heart Chakra – Searching for Love
  • Throat Chakra – Expressing Your Truth
  • Brow Chakra – Transcending Beyond Ego
  • Crown Chakra – Spiritual Awakening

Your sacral chakra is located in the area of your navel, lower abdomen, low back and sexual organs. The basic issues affected are creativity, sexuality, money, relationships, empathy, nurturing, pleasure, emotions, movement, change, warmth, and intimacy. It represents your ability to go with the flow – grace and acceptance and allowing yourself to enjoy your life and achievements.  The associated body parts are your hips, lower back, sexual organs, bladder, kidneys, stomach, large intestine, pelvis, appendix, and bodily fluids.

Our roles are affected by the programming in this area of fear of abandonment, financial security, social status, children, and creativity.  You can be controlled by your fears, level of trust, control, blame, guilt and shame. This area is concerned with daily aspects of living, people to whom we relate, and quality of our relationships.  It also relates to everything we own, money, relationships, and passion.

If you are feeling pain or discomfort in your any of these body locations, it may be an indication that there are some emotional issues that need clearing.  I see this every day with my clients.  Low back pain has a high association with money issues among other things.  If you do not have a habit of safely expressing your emotions, it is likely that your lower body is holding onto these emotions until you are ready to process them.  Unexpressed and unprocessed emotions do not go away, they take up residence in your energetic and physical bodies.

Children experience so many things and do not know how to handle them, express them or process them and they become part of your beliefs.  These beliefs are impacting your relationships and your success as an adult.  Remember that the energy travels up through the chakras, so if your root chakra is still holding onto issues of not feeling safe, your sacral chakra is not flowing freely.  Fortunately, we can address this and get your life moving smoothly with ease and grace.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck energy in your sacral chakra.

1.            In what areas do you allow yourself to experience pleasure? Where do you not?
2.            Do you feel creative and sensual?
3.            How often do you do things that you don’t really enjoy?  That you do enjoy?
4.            When you do things for others is it from a genuine desire to be of service or are you really trying to win their approval or love?
5.            Do you have co-dependent relationships? How do you contribute to them?
6.            Do you experience jealousy?
7.            Do you trust that life is abundant and there is always enough? 
8.            Do you allow life to be easy or do you believe you have to struggle and sacrifice and that everything is hard?

If you have not already downloaded my free meditation to clear, balance, and heal your chakras, please accept my free gift to you now – a free meditation – A Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Healing Meditation.



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