28 May

Expression and Communication for Healthy Relationships

Cheri Valentine

Cheri Valentine

Cheri Valentine

Our bodies communicate with us daily.  The challenge is learning to
listen.  Aches and pains are
actually alerting us to something.
Often it can be an unexpressed emotion, or something feeling or memory
is being triggered by a current situation.  I have been exploring the abundance of information we can
gleam from our chakras, in this series – centers that filter your energy and
hold meaning for your life issues.

What is so amazing is that can you learn where you may have
blocked energy that is keeping you stuck in unhealthy relationships,
unsatisfying jobs, limiting money issues, unsatisfactory health, or simply
being unhappy.

So far, we’ve looked at your root chakra – center for survival,
instinct, safety and foundation.   We also explored the emotional, creative, and
pleasure that is hidden in our sacral chakra.  Your solar
chakra signifies how we stand in our personal power – your inner strength
and resolve. The fourth chakra
that we reviewed was your heart chakra – where you integrate the security,
emotions and power from your lower chakras to open to giving and receiving love
in relationship with others and also to your spiritual side.

The fifth chakra is associated with sound, creative
self-expression, speech and communication, will and timing. The ability to
speak honestly, to receive, process and assimilate information, and to connect
and speak to your inner truth are all related to the throat chakra.  This is your center of transformation
and change, where you harness your energy to express yourself, from your
spirit, heart and mind. When you are able to express yourself from your
personal truths, you are able to fully develop into whole and balanced
individuals who are capable of sustaining deep and intimate relationships.

Your seven energy centers (chakras) are:

Root Chakra
– Instinctual Need for Survival

Chakra – Pleasure Seeker

Chakra – Power Driver

Chakra – Searching for Love

Throat Chakra – Expressing Your Truth

Brow Chakra – Transcending Beyond Ego

Crown Chakra – Spiritual Awakening

The physical location of your throat chakra is in the throat
and neck and its associated body parts are throat, neck, ears, jaw, mouth,
teeth, gums, tongue, and thyroid gland. The basic issues of your throat chakra
are voice, communication, clairaudience, listening, creativity,
self-expression, image of self, humility, manifesting ideas, vibration,
telepathy, and channeling,

If you have experienced sore throats, strep throats and
tonsillitis, it is likely that you have been holding back on expressing your feelings,
especially anger.  It could old
emotions from childhood that were never acknowledged.  It is important to acknowledge and release old stuck
emotions so that you can express yourself authentically, clearly and

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck
energy in your throat chakra.

1.            Are
you able to express your ideas or thoughts easily?

2.            Are
you open to listening and comprehending other points of view?

3.            In
what areas and with whom are you more comfortable expressing your ideas,
feelings, truths?

4.            Are
you always feeling rushed and like there is never enough time?

5.            Do
you have difficulty speaking up for yourself or holding your own point of view?

6.            Do
you tend to ignore the messages that your body is sending to you?

7.            Do
you worry about what people will think if you speak up?

8.            Where
has your anger been unexpressed or repressed?

9.            Did
you have to listen as a child but not allowed to speak?

10.       Were you allowed to be
creative as a child?

11.            How
would you like to express your creativity – art, writing, song, music, dance,
poetry, speaking, etc.?  Are you?


I’ve created a free meditation to clear, balance, and heal
your chakras, so please accept my free gift to you – a free meditation – A Chakra
Clearing, Balancing and Healing Meditation.

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