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Cheri Valentine

Cheri Valentine

Awaken the Divine Wisdom Within You

We all have access to an unlimited and infinite source of guidance and wisdom.  It comes from a source far ...

What’s Stopping You? Tips to Stop Resisting

Fitness instructors have shared with me that many of their clients are reluctant to commit to a fitness routine. Underlying ...

Do You Know How Amazing You Are?

One of the most difficult things to do I have discovered is to love and accept ourselves. I had no ...

How to Safely Vent and Tap When Someone Annoys You

It is not always easy to take the high road when someone hurts or upsets you. A natural reaction is ...

Develop a Practice for Ease & Flow for Life and Work

Life moves fast. Even when this pace is exciting, it can be stressful and overwhelming. In the following video, Cheri ...

Expression and Communication for Healthy Relationships

Our bodies communicate with us daily.  The challenge is learning to listen.  Aches and pains are actually alerting us to ...

What is Your Relationship With Pleasure?

I love how powerful we are! Our lives as they exist today are reflective of our deep beliefs about how ...