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18 Oct



Well here we
are again.  Another lovely full moon lunar eclipse day!  This Full Moon is in
Aries considered to be the child of the zodiac.

What does
this mean for us mere humans? 

It means we
have another opportunity to focus on how we can create a good balance between
what we want for ourselves (Aries) and what we will share with the world (Libra). 
This can be a challenge if we are tr
uly spiritual beings on a human journey.  Selfish vs. Selfless. 

Giving vs Receiving. 
Compassion for others balanced with self love.  And everyone wanting to be a star these days with Facebook and Twitter and You Tube maybe we need to stop and consider how much wer give of our goodness without worrying about getting anything back.

I would ask
if this is working in your life.  Do you have a good sense of balance? 
Are you
someone that is
a doormat for others?  (Libra can give away too much of who they are).  Or are you mostly concerned about your own needs?  (Aries can be selfish).

What to do? 
What to do?  Listen to the Universe’s words of wisdom and spend this day
on how we are doing in this area. 

Take a few moments after you read this message to determine
you are on the wheel.  It is true that opposites attrace and meet in the middle.  where is the middle for you? 

Loving yourself while being available to support your loved ones. Giving easily
of your goodness without feeling taking advantage of.

Enjoying the feeling of being of service while
knowing in your heart of hearts that you are also spending time and energy
taking care of you. 

Full moons
are also for celebrating!
  Although we are living with much challenge in the
world around us; it is
important that we find something to be proud of.  I am certain that all of us
can give ourselves a big hug today as we
focus on balancing giving and

Look for
where Aries and Libra live in your sacred birth chart.  This is where the energy
of the Full Moon will be the
most evident. 

As always, I
am your personal astrology coach and am here to support your most positive
future vision.

Sending love
to your day,


Maria Francesca
"Your Personal
Astrology Coach"

Owner –

o –

m –


"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family."
~ Mother Teresa


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05 Sep


New Moon in Virgo today September 5, 2013.
Wow!  This New Moon in Virgo is kicking my butt!  I have already organized the office, answered emails, washed and waxed kitchen, guest bathroom and personal bathroom.  I have changed the bedding and even come up with a title for my new book. 
I am excited.  This is what I love about Virgo’s energy.  Virgo is the sign that wants us to put it all together in ways that make sense.  Orderly and practical.  It may not always sound exciting to be orderly and practical and yet what a great feeling of peace and harmony when the task is completed.  Virgos do it easily.  Theirs is the sign of SERVICE.  Mother Teresa was a Virgo and when I think of the ultimate Virgo energy; I imagine her in my mind. 
It is true that Virgo represents the virgin state.  This is the sign that ultimately desires “perfection”.  I see this as a wonderful quality.  It guides us to visualize reaching a state of perfection in all that we do  while remembering that there is perfection in the imperfection.             I realize this is an odd statement to make and yet if you look at a beautiful rose in its entirety you are pleasured by the beauty of the whole.  When you look closer you will see that each petal is a different size and a different shape.  Taken apart it will not emit the same emotion.  It is time to bring together all that we are including our imperfections as this is what makes us our most   perfect self.
We are entering the Fall season.  This is when we celebrate our harvest.  If the farmer had to examine every tiny nuance of his crop before taking it to market he/she would probably never get there.  So look at who you are and what you have done to support the goodness in your life.  Celebrate you!
With Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all continuing their journey in lovely emotional water signs they are doing all they can to nurture the earthy Virgo.  Water nurtures the earth. 
Virgo rules the 6th house of the natural zodiac.  This is where our physical health and wellness reside.  Ask yourself what you are doing to take good care of your physical body?  This is your home.  The home inside of you.  This is a great time to celebrate by thanking your physical body for all it does for you.
New moons are for new beginnings.  With Virgo ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs our cognitive thinking process; this is a great time to decide on exactly what kind of thoughts rule your mind; especially in your day to day.  How does your thinking affect your physical body?  Are you full of stress or full of positive thoughts?
Virgo desires cleanliness.  This is a great time to clean out your spirit, mind, body, home, car, garage or closet.  Whew!  Discard the old, clear out the unnecessary and create the perfection you know in your heart will bring you the peace of mind you desire.  
Where Virgo resides in your sacred birth chart is where you will feel this energy the most.  If you are a Virgo or have Moon or Rising in Virgo – Rock On!
I am always here to shine a light on your most spiritually powerful sense of self.
Sending loving support to your day,
Maria Francesca – “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen”
Come visit me at the Daily Breeze Women’s Health and Beauty Expo on September 28 at the Torrance Cultural Art Center. 9am to 2pm.     I will be doing mini-readings and will have ceremonial products available as well.
Ask me about my 8-week Tele-Class – “Mastering the Art of Positive Intention”.  Wonderful, simple and easy to use recommendations.  We all need to be reminded of the importance of  positive thinking.                           
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06 Aug


Lion and Lioness! How beautiful when they are together and loving to each other.  This is what we want to focus on.  The sweetness and kindness and playfulness of Leo the Lionhearted.

LionWe get so many opportunities each month with each new Moon according to the sign it is in to grow to a more evolved human being.  Sun and Moon in Leo gives us an opening for a few days to enjoy our confident creative persona and do all we can to move forward with whatever projects we are working on.  If we use the power of this event with both our masculine and feminine nature intact; we will be able to benefit from the fire and passion of Leo.

With this new moon about to surface in our beautiful sky we will be asked to use our wonderful ego to share our personal truth in a creative and generous way.  As each day, month and year goes by our evolution to a more evolved and aware consciousness is, hopefully, becoming evident.  This is what astrology is based on.

As we are now moving further and further into the Age of Aquarius, opposite sign to Leo, it is critical that we learn to more easily go back and forth from living as individuals who are searching for personal satisfaction to taking into consideration the collective consciousness of our planetary journey.  

Enjoy who you are!  A beautiful expression of God/Goddess Energy.


Maria Francesca

www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com – See my website for my latest offerings!

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20 Jul


Gotta love the Summer months.  There is so much written about the summer.  Summertime and the Living is Easy. Summer in the City.  Under the Boardwalk.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Light my Fire.  Dancing in the Streets.  Just to name a few.

Summer is when the Sun is blazing hot during the day and the nights are balmy with a soft breeze that is full of mystery and magic. Consider the night as the time when intuition is fired up and our senses come alive.

With this month’s full moon in Aquarius opposite sign to Leo it will bring together an air and fire dynamic that is considered a SUPERMOON.  It will arrive on Monday, July 22 and although the time will be the middle of the day for us at 2:16pm EST; we can enjoy the beauty of this super moon on Sunday evening the 21st and Monday evening as well.

As this Full Moon is going to be BIG and BRIGHT it will have a stronger emotional pull on all of us especially in the sign of Aquarius. Moon in Aquarius is considered the humanitarian desiring freedom, fairness and personal independence.  They seek justice and equanimity for all people.  Their motto is “let us be able to do our own thing while respecting and honoring all other    humans as well as animals and nature”.  Leo, the opposite sign to Aquarius, looks at life from a more personal viewpoint.  It is a challenge for Leos to look beyond their own fired up passion   and although they are loyal and respecting of others; it is done with the need for appreciation  and accolades.

 I believe both of these signs are necessary for us to enjoy our passion and be appreciated while not judging those people who cannot, for whatever reason, honor us. I am grateful, albeit with caution, at the many peoples throughout our planet who are rising up and demanding the Aquarian mandate.  FREEDOM from oppression.    

With the Sun just entering the sign of Leo, considered to be the lion and lioness of the zodiac, at 11:56am on Monday and this Full Moon occurring directly afterwards in its opposite sign, there is bound to be fireworks!

Let’s affirm that this be a time to free ourselves from old beliefs that no longer serve us and move forward with confidence and individuality.  I read that July is when young bucks grow their antlers and move away from their family to go out on their own.  Think about that in relationship to taking the reins of who we are as individuals and speaking our truth from our hearts.  I love comparing our lives to the lives of the rest of the natural universe.

Look to where Aquarius and Leo live in your sacred birth chart.  Call or email me for support if you need it. 

As always I wish for you passionate days and peaceful nights or peaceful days and passionate nights or whatever combination you desire!

Sending Universal Blessings,                                                                                                                                Maria Francesca Triliegi                                                                                                                                             “Your Personal Astrology Coach”                                                                                                                                                                          Owner – Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

o – 310.548.1338    m – 707.292.1882 

  http://mariafrancescatriliegi.com                                                         For My Latest and Greatest Offerings 


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16 Jul


There is so much natural magic that occurs on planet Earth every day.  From the colorful hummingbird that flaps its wings as it knows to come by to the same place and drinks the nectar outside my window to the sun and moon that know exactly when to rise and set each day.   The more I can see the magical beauty and order of the Universe, the more I can be at peace and offer that feeling to the people who I am connecting with each day with the hope that it will generate more peace on the planet.  For me, the beauty of nature is like a religion and to me there is always magic occurring. 

There is a synchronistic invisible magical system that operates along with all the other systems that care for all of nature.  How does the hummingbird know to come to the feeder even after the feeder is gone?  I notice them hovering around the area where the feeder usually hangs while I am cleaning it and refilling it.  I am always surprised at that.   How does the Sun know when to set and the Moon know when to rise?  How does the baby know when it is exactly nine months and it is time to enter the world?  What else can it be?  It’s magic!  

I believe that there is a component that I cannot mathematically factor in for many of the experiences that happen every day even as it is true that there are aspects of my reality that are based on scientific fact.  I am thankful that I cannot apply these facts to everything that occurs in my life.  It is important for me to live in the part of my reality that is magical and full of fantasy and beauty and color and light and wonderful tastes and smells and where goodness and joyfulness and serenity exists. 

I see  the children of our planet know this magic much more than we adults do.  They live in this magic.  We adults mostly live in what is called logic which is clearly different from magic.  I am constantly being told that I must have a more practical approach to life.  One that is based on what I know to be reality.  Well, guess what?  To me; magic is reality too!   I absolutely must have this very rich and joyful inner life where magical experiences exist.  This is where we can all find the peace and harmony and beauty that we can  share with others.  I say take a walk in nature and I promise that you will see the magic and hear the magic and smell the magic.  This is where goodness and joyfulness and serenity begin in the quiet and beauty and magical experiences that occur each day on this wonderful planet Earth.

Sending magical thoughts and experiences to your life today.

Maria Francesca

www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com – LOOK FOR MY SPECIALS. 



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09 May



This New Moon and Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, planet of femininity, love, beauty and passion. Taurus is a very feminine sign and governs the richness of the earth. Taurus knows how to manifest goals by using tenacity and practicality. Once a Taurus knows what they want there is no stopping them to achieving their goal. 
During this Taurus New Moon and Eclipse we need to ready the soil of our inner garden for a wonderful harvest later in the year.  We need to ask ourselves what kind of nutrients we are  going to add.  What new and more advanced mental and spiritual tools of the trade can you integrate to assure a plentiful harvest?  Think organic.  The description for organic is: Raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones or synthetic chemicals.We are all born organically.  It is interesting to note what happens to our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies as we mature. It is definitely time to find ways to return to our organic self as much as possible. 
Taurus = Springtime which is the season of planting the seeds that will grow our passions and opportunities for future goodness.  Whatever you are passionate about now is the time to get your ideas firmly planted in the ground.  I love going to pick out the seeds and starters for my garden each year.  I get excited by the smell of the basil or the bright green of the leaves on the tomato plants.  This is what we need to do when planning what we want to manifest in other life areas.  Imagine what it will look like and smell like and feel like to have your goals, ideas and passions manifested. 
We must realize that we all have something of beauty to share.  We all want to love and be loved.  Venus reflects beauty inside and out.  We must accept our own beauty and creativity and honor it by feeling secure that we can grow it and share it.  When we plant a garden and it is harvest time; we look forward to sharing the richness of our hard work.  It is the same with our spiritual and emotional harvest.  How do you, whether a male or female, express your feminine side?  Where is the deep beauty of you, as an individual, evident in your life?  These are the areas to highlight during this Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse.
Also important is letting go of those people, situations and even thoughts that are old, outdated and no longer productive.  When we ready our garden for a new season of growth we have to pull out whatever remains from last year’s harvest.  This is a natural part of good gardening.    If you must forgive yourself or others for what is no longer advantageous to your new value system; do that first.     
As Taurus is practical and organized; these qualities will need to be considered as well.  Where are the earth signs and houses of your sacred astrology birth chart?  Do you see yourself as someone able to manifest what you really want in your life?  If not, why not?   This eclipse can help us sort things out.  Eclipses support us in moving closer to our goal by shifting our thoughts or actions. In the sign of Taurus it allows us to look at what we value in life.  We have a wonderful opportunity to ruminate and evaluate what really brings spiritual as well as emotional and financial value.  We must be willing to give up what is outworn and outgrown in order to receive the goodness.
You can begin the process by taking inventory and deciding what you as an individual in the deeper parts of your being truly believe about your value system.  Decide what needs updating, revising or restructuring.  Do your best to get those new seeds in the ground as soon as possible. 
Happy Gardening!
Maria Francesca
I am offering, at a special price, for the next three days, a reading to assist you in the planting process.  I will send you, via email, my insights and recommendations to support you.  We will clear away what is no longer needed and nurture the ground for your seeds to grow.

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19 Apr

For Earth Day – In Defense of Our Sacred Waters

Our Sacred Waters Before and After Humans


I have been running and walking at the ocean in Southern California for years.   I have been a very lucky girl to have lived close enough to the ocean to get there within two to fifteen minutes.  Needless to say, I love the ocean.  Nature is my religion and even at times in my life it has been my salvation.  Some say it is because I am a Pisces considered to be the ultimate water sign, the two fish going in different directions.  I can relate to that.  Many times in my life I have felt like a “fish out of water” and that is why I constantly head for the ocean.  The ocean is where I connect to my spirituality.  


The ocean is full of mystery and light and a yin and yang energy that nurtures my very soul.  The water seems to be a different color each time I am there which is very often.  It is gorgeous in the daylight and glows in the night light.  I love to watch the children laughing and screaming as they dare the waves to come up to where they are.  I love to watch people of every age and culture be able to enjoy this very powerful natural beauty. 


I do my run/walk early in the morning sometimes and early in the evening other times.   The beach is so peaceful early in the morning.  That’s because most of humanity has not arrived yet.  I call it “the beach before and after humans”. The sand is a golden brown color.  It is soft and feels warm under my feet.  It is clean as far as my eyes can see.  That’s because the Beach King as it is called, the big machine that each day cleans the beaches of all of the trash that humans have left on the beach and around the ocean has just come by and taken away the remains of yesterday’s humanity.  How disgusting and incredibly frustrating that there are so many irresponsible, non-caring humans who leave their trash right next to the trash cans that are provided for them every few feet.   Why is that? 


It does not matter what nationality you are or what country you hail from for goodness sake.  Trash cans are trash cans are trash cans with words clearly written and in a couple of languages that say “please put trash in the trash can and honor the beaches”.  Why can’t people be more aware and conscious of their responsibility to our waters?  Even if you are leaving trash on the sand, it finds its way into the ocean.  This is very simple math.

It is sad that even the public restrooms are so disrespected.  If you arrive early in the morning the stalls are clean, the floor is hosed down and even the toilet paper is neatly rolled and ready.  Twelve hours later the toilet paper is plastered on the walls, all over the floor and even stuffed in the toilets.  The sinks are stuffed with toilet paper and sand.  In a few words, the restrooms are trashed. 


What could have happened in 12 hours to create this chaos?  Ah yes, humanity happened.  Yes, all those humans used the FREE public restrooms with no regard or consideration.   We need to take a wide-angle picture of the beach at 6am and again at 6pm and put it on a huge billboard so people can see the embarrassment of humanity’s lack of respect for what the Universe has given us that provides so much pleasure for FREE.


The ocean is a gift to us from the Universe.   Free to enjoy.  Free to explore.  Free to honor.  So what is the problem here?  Why can’t everyone respect, love and care for the oceans, beaches, rivers and the lakes?  Is it because it is not their personal home? Maybe it’s because there are times when no one is watching and humans can dump their trash in and around the sacred waters of our planet.


Honoring and respecting the oceans, lakes, rivers and the beaches has always been important.  Now it is becoming critical.  The waters of our world are our last hope for continuing to live a life of environmental peace and harmony. 

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10 Apr

Welcome Springtime by Creating Wellness

Welcome Springtime by Creating Wellness

It is almost funny to see how, why and where the word wellness has created such a stir on our planet.  It seems to be the new buzzword for our 21st century.  And what does it really mean?   Is to be well to be in a state of good health?   Is to be well to live with a spirit, heart, mind and body balance that defines what our energy levels will be each day?  Is to be well to be able to share our positive thoughts and feelings with others?  Should we be concerned that this word like many others is being overused and misused? 


The word “wellness” besides selling health insurance is being used to sell cars, travel plans, stocks and bonds, clothing lines, food and a myriad of other commercial products.  The word wellness is quite simple.   Clearly stated, to be well is the opposite of to be sick.  To be well is to live with ease, not dis-ease. 


To create a sense of wellness is to provide oneself and one’s loved ones with a lifestyle that will bring peace, tranquility and a sense of joy that comes from unencumbered and simple living.   Wellness is not to be confused with seeking after all of the entrapments that will hopefully somehow bring one to a state of wellness.  This idea does not advocate that we must strip ourselves of all that we enjoy.  Of course we should have the pleasures and conveniences necessary to add comfort to our lives.  The challenge is to know when we are there. The more that humans create stress in their search after what will bring them the ultimate pleasures and conveniences, the more their spirits, hearts, minds and especially their bodies are experiencing dis-ease. 


It is interesting to note what is happening to our societies as we strive and drive ourselves further and further into debt to accomplish this goal of bringing wellness into our lives.


So we must ask how much does one person need?  How much does one family need?  How many products does one household need to feel well?  All of our electronic equipment alone is daunting to observe from our many telephones, televisions, DVD, CD players, IPads, IPods and computers in many rooms in one house.  Why is there a car necessary for each member of the family and a cell phone for each member of the family?  We can go on and on and on about all of the other conveniences we find are becoming more and more what we deem to be necessary to create a state of wellness. This lifestyle of quick and fast and needing it now is destroying the very natural cycles of our lives and our ability to live in the wellness we are seeking.  Even our billboards are claiming “I have just made right now faster “.  It feels as if we will soon be living in a future present.  We will not even have to be in the now of our lives.  Living in today is becoming obsolete.  We are all running as fast as we can searching for a sense of wellness that can really only happen by slowing down.  Cars are driving faster and faster on the road.  We can now reach anyone at anytime and anywhere and where will this all take us?  What kind of pleasurable experiences await in that future experience and when will we ever get there?


Wellness means to live in a state of good health.  This means spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.  Please be aware of what wellness really is every time we push ourselves to go the extra mile so we can buy more of what we believe will bring us wellness. 


 Please remember that every time you pull that credit card out of your wallet to purchase something, ask yourself “is this necessary”?  “Is this product going to bring me wellness?”  The stress of paying for what we purchase today well into the future can continue to create dis-ease of the highest order.


We must learn to honor ourselves and our loved ones by creating a true sense of wellness.  This will also honor our beautiful Mother Earth who is definitely overworked and underpaid.

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