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Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi is the founder of Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks providing practical tools for living life with a wellness approach. Maria was certified as an astrologer in 1983 and as a minister in 1992. She is an avid writer, educator and personal growth motivator.
Maria Francesca

There is so much natural magic that occurs on planet Earth every day.  From the colorful hummingbird that flaps its wings as it knows to come by to the same place and drinks the nectar outside my window to the sun and moon that know exactly when to rise and set each day.   The more I can see the magical beauty and order of the Universe, the more I can be at peace and offer that feeling to the people who I am connecting with each day with the hope that it will generate more peace on the planet.  For me, the beauty of nature is like a religion and to me there is always magic occurring. 

There is a synchronistic invisible magical system that operates along with all the other systems that care for all of nature.  How does the hummingbird know to come to the feeder even after the feeder is gone?  I notice them hovering around the area where the feeder usually hangs while I am cleaning it and refilling it.  I am always surprised at that.   How does the Sun know when to set and the Moon know when to rise?  How does the baby know when it is exactly nine months and it is time to enter the world?  What else can it be?  It’s magic!  

I believe that there is a component that I cannot mathematically factor in for many of the experiences that happen every day even as it is true that there are aspects of my reality that are based on scientific fact.  I am thankful that I cannot apply these facts to everything that occurs in my life.  It is important for me to live in the part of my reality that is magical and full of fantasy and beauty and color and light and wonderful tastes and smells and where goodness and joyfulness and serenity exists. 

I see  the children of our planet know this magic much more than we adults do.  They live in this magic.  We adults mostly live in what is called logic which is clearly different from magic.  I am constantly being told that I must have a more practical approach to life.  One that is based on what I know to be reality.  Well, guess what?  To me; magic is reality too!   I absolutely must have this very rich and joyful inner life where magical experiences exist.  This is where we can all find the peace and harmony and beauty that we can  share with others.  I say take a walk in nature and I promise that you will see the magic and hear the magic and smell the magic.  This is where goodness and joyfulness and serenity begin in the quiet and beauty and magical experiences that occur each day on this wonderful planet Earth.

Sending magical thoughts and experiences to your life today.

Maria Francesca

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