09 May


Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi is the founder of Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks providing practical tools for living life with a wellness approach. Maria was certified as an astrologer in 1983 and as a minister in 1992. She is an avid writer, educator and personal growth motivator.
Maria Francesca

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, planet of femininity, love, beauty and passion. Taurus is a very feminine sign and governs the richness of the earth. Taurus knows how to manifest goals by using tenacity and practicality. Once a Taurus knows what they want there is no stopping them to achieving their goal. 
During this Taurus New Moon and Eclipse we need to ready the soil of our inner garden for a wonderful harvest later in the year.  We need to ask ourselves what kind of nutrients we are  going to add.  What new and more advanced mental and spiritual tools of the trade can you integrate to assure a plentiful harvest?  Think organic.  The description for organic is: Raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones or synthetic chemicals.We are all born organically.  It is interesting to note what happens to our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies as we mature. It is definitely time to find ways to return to our organic self as much as possible. 
Taurus = Springtime which is the season of planting the seeds that will grow our passions and opportunities for future goodness.  Whatever you are passionate about now is the time to get your ideas firmly planted in the ground.  I love going to pick out the seeds and starters for my garden each year.  I get excited by the smell of the basil or the bright green of the leaves on the tomato plants.  This is what we need to do when planning what we want to manifest in other life areas.  Imagine what it will look like and smell like and feel like to have your goals, ideas and passions manifested. 
We must realize that we all have something of beauty to share.  We all want to love and be loved.  Venus reflects beauty inside and out.  We must accept our own beauty and creativity and honor it by feeling secure that we can grow it and share it.  When we plant a garden and it is harvest time; we look forward to sharing the richness of our hard work.  It is the same with our spiritual and emotional harvest.  How do you, whether a male or female, express your feminine side?  Where is the deep beauty of you, as an individual, evident in your life?  These are the areas to highlight during this Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse.
Also important is letting go of those people, situations and even thoughts that are old, outdated and no longer productive.  When we ready our garden for a new season of growth we have to pull out whatever remains from last year’s harvest.  This is a natural part of good gardening.    If you must forgive yourself or others for what is no longer advantageous to your new value system; do that first.     
As Taurus is practical and organized; these qualities will need to be considered as well.  Where are the earth signs and houses of your sacred astrology birth chart?  Do you see yourself as someone able to manifest what you really want in your life?  If not, why not?   This eclipse can help us sort things out.  Eclipses support us in moving closer to our goal by shifting our thoughts or actions. In the sign of Taurus it allows us to look at what we value in life.  We have a wonderful opportunity to ruminate and evaluate what really brings spiritual as well as emotional and financial value.  We must be willing to give up what is outworn and outgrown in order to receive the goodness.
You can begin the process by taking inventory and deciding what you as an individual in the deeper parts of your being truly believe about your value system.  Decide what needs updating, revising or restructuring.  Do your best to get those new seeds in the ground as soon as possible. 
Happy Gardening!
Maria Francesca
I am offering, at a special price, for the next three days, a reading to assist you in the planting process.  I will send you, via email, my insights and recommendations to support you.  We will clear away what is no longer needed and nurture the ground for your seeds to grow.

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