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27 Feb

Work with Your Body’s Natural Processes to Control Hunger Pangs on a Diet

Hunger pangs can create chaos while you’re on a diet. It’s hard to concentrate on work, family, or anything else because of the cravings. Luckily, there are several ways to alleviate this situation.


Use these tips to control hunger pangs and stick to your diet at the same time:

  1. Get back into the habit of eating breakfast. It’s easier to prevent the pangs than to treat them, so eating breakfast is important.
  • Breakfast can help you control blood sugar levels throughout the day and stop hunger pangs from ruining your diet. It’s important to eat a complete breakfast that combines carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats into one meal.


  1. Eat protein. Protein can make you feel satisfied after a meal or snack, so you’re less likely to crave other foods.
  • You can select food that has protein and still fits your diet. For example, nuts and seeds are a healthy source of protein. Peanut butter and other butters, such as almond butter, also pack a healthy serving of protein.
  1. Chew well and eat slowly. If you swallow your food without chewing it enough, then it becomes more difficult to feel full. The rate at which you eat affects your stomach hormones and how you feel.
  • A study, titled “Eating slowly increases the postprandial response of the anorexigenic gut hormones, peptide YY and glucagon-like peptide-1,” found that eating slowly was better. The researchers discovered eating too quickly affected the release of stomach hormones related to feeling full.
  • Researchers recommend eating slowly, so the stomach hormones that make you feel full have a chance to become active.


  1. Chew gum in between meals. Researchers have found that gum can help you avoid temptation and stay on your diet. A study from the University of Rhode Island found that chewing gum encouraged people to eat less during the day.


  1. Eat potatoes. Potatoes can be a useful tool for fighting hunger pangs. They have a resistant starch that takes longer to digest, so you feel full for a greater length of time. You won’t feel hungry while you’re still trying to digest the potato you had for lunch.
  • It’s important to eat healthy preparations of potatoes, so potato chips and French fries shouldn’t be on the menu. Baked or steamed potatoes can help you stay on your diet.


  1. Add more grapefruits. These citrus fruits can help you control hunger while providing more vitamin C. Grapefruits can help control blood sugar levels, so you avoid the dangerous spikes that lead to hunger pangs.
  • Fresh grapefruits are easy to add to your diet. They can be part of a fruit salad or smoothie for breakfast. They can also be cut into small pieces for a quick snack.


  1. Use food aromas advantageously. Did you know that smelling certain foods without eating them can help you control hunger pangs? Researchers have found that different aromas can be used to feel full.
  • A study, titled “Food aroma affects bite size,” revealed that aroma could be used to control hunger. Researchers discovered that people took smaller bites of food with different aromas. They noticed that controlling the scent of the food affected how much people ate.


Hunger pangs don’t have to destroy your diet. By planning ahead and using these strategies, you can stay on your diet and subdue your cravings.


Hope you enjoyed this article and have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotivateYourLifeWithBarbara/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbaraSavin

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13 Feb

Rebuild Your Confidence After a Job Setback and Boost Your Career

Job setbacks can shatter your self-confidence and make it difficult to stay positive. Luckily, however, they don’t have to ruin you or your career. You can rebuild your confidence again and get your career back on track.


Follow these strategies:

  1. Let the wounds heal before revisiting the setback. It may be tempting to focus on the issues that led to the job setback, but you need time to heal.
  • Once you’re ready to address the issues, then you can look over the events. This will give your confidence a chance to mend itself.
  • Ask yourself questions to learn more from the experience. What lessons have you learned? Do you need to correct something to avoid similar challenges in the future? Do you understand how the job issues developed and what could have prevented them?
  • Answering these questions will help you find closure. This is important for boosting your confidence.


  1. Develop your skills. Developing your skills will help increase your self-confidence. You can learn from the job mistakes of the past and work on specific details to prevent them from happening again.


  1. Take small risks to boost your confidence. Try a new project at work or start a new job.
  • By facing your fears, your self-confidence will begin to grow. Carefully weigh the consequences of new ventures and take small risks. It’s important not to dwell on the job setback.


  1. Avoid isolation and seek out your friends. Isolation can make positive thinking more difficult.
  • Your friends can offer valuable support. They can encourage you to try again and help you figure out effective ways to deal with all the emotions that you experience in a time like this.
  • Ask for help and find new mentors. Mentors can reassure you while helping you develop new career paths. They can also help you network with new companies or peers to boost your confidence.


  1. Remember the successes in your life. A job setback doesn’t define your entire life. Your life has multiple aspects beyond work, so it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate them. Analyze the successes in other parts of your life or consider past job successes.
  • Are you proud of your healthy and strong family? Do you consider your ability to run a marathon a success? Do you appreciate the knowledge you gained while pursuing a graduate degree? All of these factors can help you increase your self-confidence and remind you of success.


  1. Put things in perspective. Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Realize that the job setback provided a valuable learning opportunity and the chance to reevaluate your career.


  1. Create new goals. New goals can help you feel accomplished and raise your self-esteem.
  • The list should consist of a variety of goals ranging from small to big. For example, it can include going for a run every day or taking on a new project at work. If your confidence needs to be rebuilt, then consider doing one goal at a time.


A job setback can affect you emotionally, but it doesn’t have to destroy your confidence. You can overcome the setback and advance your career by practicing these strategies.


Hope you enjoyed this article and have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotivateYourLifeWithBarbara/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbaraSavin

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30 Jan

Everyday Simplicity with 10 Simple Changes

Do you feel like life is too hectic to enjoy it? By removing the things from your life that don’t matter and adding things that do, life can be much simpler and more enjoyable. A few daily habits can make a big difference in creating more simplicity in your life.


Remove much of the clutter and distractions from your daily life:

  1. Put things away when you’re finished with them. It’s possible to prevent most of the clutter in your home by putting things away when you’ve finished using them.
  • Everything that you have to pick up and put away is something that someone failed to put back in the proper place. Enforce this rule with all members of your family.

  1. Sit down and pay your bills each week. Stay on top of your bills and avoid late fees by setting aside 10 minutes a week to pay bills. Knowing you have bills due weighs on your mind, whether you realize it or not. Take care of them regularly.

  2. Keep your gas tank at least half-full. Few things are more frustrating than needing to fill your tank at an inopportune moment. If your tank is always at least half-full, you can get gas at your leisure. How convenient! You’ll also have a buffer if you’re running low on cash.

  3. Build an emergency fund. If you don’t have any savings, any financial hiccup feels like a catastrophe.
  • Begin by saving whatever you can. A small emergency fund can make a huge difference. You’ll sleep better at night, too.

  1. Spend 15 minutes picking up the house each night. Make it a ritual for the entire family. Several pairs of hands can get a lot done in 15 minutes. Set a timer and have a race to see who can get the most done.

  2. Declutter one drawer or closet each day. This will take a little time during the first pass around the house. But the second time you declutter a drawer or closet will go much more quickly. Get rid of the items you no longer need.
  • Clutter begins in these closed spaces before it spreads to other areas of your house.

  1. Create a basic filing system. At the very least, assign a file drawer in a desk as the home of your filing system. There are also portable containers that hold file folders. Organize your important papers, paid and unpaid bills, and anything else that needs to be saved.

  2. Eliminate one television show from your life and use the free time wisely. Time spent in front of the TV is largely wasted. Drop one television program and use the time for something more enjoyable or constructive. Be creative.

  3. Put the cell phone away for at least an hour each night. Put the phone away and interact with your immediate environment. Maybe you could read a book on simplicity.

  4. Get ready for work or school the night before. Rather than rushing around in the morning making lunches and searching for papers or clean clothes, get everything ready the evening before.
  • Your mornings will be much more peaceful and being late will become a distant memory.


Have you noticed that simplifying your life is mostly about doing a few simple things each day? It only takes a few, new habits to enhance your life and create a greater sense of well-being. Simplicity doesn’t require a complicated system. Simplicity should be simple.


Hope you enjoyed this article and have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotivateYourLifeWithBarbara/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbaraSavin

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17 Jan

Survive Challenging People

Are you losing your power and energy to people, places, or things?

  • powerSeeing an old friend or family member makes you suddenly feel your body tense
  • Watching the news or a movie leaves you feeling anxious and depressed
  • Family, friends, and partners leave you feeling drained
  • Partners or ex-partners (spouses, bosses, etc.) bring fear and other negative emotions into your life
  • You feel demands placed upon you from family or friends
  • Crowds make you anxious or nervous
  • You are unable to sleep at night
  • You feel weakness and extreme fatigue after spending time with somebody
  • Listening to someone who has a big personal problem makes you uncomfortable
  • Your own thoughts even sometimes leave you exhausted

If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, you are experiencing energy contamination.

It is now time for you to reclaim your power and energy by taking your life back from those individuals who drain you. You can begin spreading the spirit of our happiness and eliminate those of a negative nature. Shield yourself from psychic attacks and live free.

Learn Self-defense Strategies

self-defenseOver the years, I began writing down these challenging individuals and began researching how to deal with them. What you need to do is to learn psychic self-defense strategies. By knowing this, you will be able to overcome the negative energies and those difficult people who can penetrate your own energy field.

Being human, you can become psychologically and physically weak and all because unclean and harmful energies linger in our energy system. Isn’t it time to have some solutions on how best to deal with these draining people?

Stop avoiding certain people and the situations they put you through. Gain confidence and be able to stop a negative person before they can even start with you. It is time for you to regain your power and take back control of your environment.


Survive Challenging People
Course Details

This is one of the most complete seminars on How to Survive Challenging People. In this 3 hour (one hour weekly) seminar you will be provided the tools to break free from the draining, frustrating, and exhausting grip of the negative people in your life. In addition, you will learn how to clear and strengthen your energy field and aura, set boundaries and so much more. You will learn and understand:

Week 1

  • What is Grounding
  • Benefits of Grounding
  • Grounding meditation
  • What is an Aura
  • How an aura becomes weak
  • How an aura can become strong
  • Protecting your aura (learn how to take control of your energy levels)
  • What is Energy Protection
  • Benefits of Energy Protection
  • Keeping Your Energy and Body Healthy
  • The Importance of a Strong Mind
  • Ways to spot a difficult person and how to identify if you are under a psychic attack


Week 2

  • The Top 13 Energy Drainers
  • Strategies and Solutions to deal with each in a loving way


Week 3

  • Identifying the energy drainers in your life
  • Toolbox of techniques you can use in most situations
  • Energy Protection Techniques – Non-Spiritual
  • Energy Protection Techniques – Spiritual
  • How to Sage yourself and your home/office
  • Crystals for clearing, healing and protection

Your Course includes:

  • 3 1-hour conference calls packed with strategies and techniques
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations to follow along
  • Weekly reference handouts to help new learning stick
  • Recordings available for download


Live calls will be on Feb 16th, Feb 23rd, and March 2nd at 6pm PST/9pm EST. Detailed call and login information will be emailed to you. Please see the flyer here for a 20% discount code.

Barbara Savin is a Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, Master Energy Healer, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Pranic Healer and Certified Meditation Instructor. Her best-selling book Gentle Energy Touch: The Beginner’s Guide to Hands-On-Healing is available in bookstores everywhere.



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16 Jan

Eleven Tips to Self-Motivate

Even the most experienced and successful achievers can use a little help getting motivated from time to time. Motivating yourself is a learnable skill. Everyone procrastinates at times. It’s human nature. Several tactics and strategies can lift your motivation to the critical level necessary to get yourself moving again.


Try these techniques to motivate yourself and get things done:


  1. Choose happiness. It’s much easier to motivate yourself when you’re in a positive mood. Focus on the wonderful things in your life that fill you with gratitude. Cleaning out the garage won’t seem quite as daunting. Keep your mind on the positive things in your life.
  2. Learn how to be a finisher. A trail of unfinished projects can dampen anyone’s enthusiasm to start another. Avoid quitting before a task is 100% completed. You’ll be more interested in taking on new tasks when you expect to be successful. Success breeds success.
  3. Expect mistakes. The only people that don’t make mistakes are those who never do anything. The more mistakes you make, the more you’ll learn. Mistakes can be very positive. Use them to your advantage.
  4. Keep yourself grounded in the present. If you’re worrying about the future or beating yourself up over the past, it’s challenging to get anything accomplished right now. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes if your mind is running wild.
  5. Focus on the result. You’ll find it difficult to get started if you sit around and think about all the work that needs to be done. Focus on the result and you’ll feel much more motivated.
  6. Give yourself a reward. You go to work every day because you know that a paycheck is coming your way. You wouldn’t go otherwise. Give yourself a small, but meaningful, reward when your work is complete. Determine the reward before you get started.
  7. Use a timer. Decide how long a task should take and see if you’re right. Set a timer and see if you can beat the clock. A little time pressure will help to keep you focused on your work. There are many timer apps and programs available at no cost.
  8. Read inspirational quotes. Reading inspirational quotes by those who have achieved great success can be very motivating. Spend a few minutes reading these great quotes and you’ll be sure to experience an enhanced level of enthusiasm. Consider creating a list of quotes that you can keep nearby in case of emergency.
  9. Consider the price of failure. What is the price of failing to follow through? Make a list of the negatives. Some of us are more driven by pain then we are by reward. Using both to your advantage can be powerful.
  10. Get some exercise. If you’re felling stuck, go for a brisk walk or a short run. Taking a short break every 60 minutes has been shown to increase productivity. Keep your breaks short so you don’t get off track.
  11. Measure your progress. Big goals or projects can takes years to complete. Measuring your progress along the way is a great way to keep your spirits high. Set short-term goals to keep you focused.

Most of us don’t live with our mothers any longer. It’s important to be able to motivate ourselves. The most successful people are able to harness the power of self-motivation. A higher level of motivation will ensure that your work is done well and as quickly as possible. It is time to get busy!


Hope you enjoyed this article and have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotivateYourLifeWithBarbara/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbaraSavin

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02 Jan

Using Affirmations to Discover the Joys in Your Life

Affirmations are simple statements we can use to improve our self-esteem, help us reach a goal, break a bad habit, find love, or even discover joy in our lives. Positive affirmations work hand in hand with our subconscious to make lasting changes for the better.

Many times we may already experience joy, but we don’t know celebrate it enough. Sadly, at other times, we aren’t even aware that it’s present. Positive affirmations can help you rediscover that joy, peace, health, and happiness!

Here are some examples of positive affirmations and how they can improve your life:

1.    “I’m worth it!” This positive affirmation tells us that we’re deserving of being happy. If you’re feeling dejected or worthless, this affirmation can work wonders.

⦁    By using this affirmation on a consistent basis and coupling it with an open heart, you’ll see results. You’ll realize that you’re more than deserving of happiness and joy.

2.    “I go with the flow and my life is easy and filled with happiness.” Are you feeling stuck in rut or completely stressed out? This is an effective positive affirmation that helps you to release all that tension.

⦁    This affirmation helps you rid your mind of negativity so the joy that’s present can shine through.

3.    “I see the beauty in my surroundings and I radiate love and joy.” This positive affirmation will help you to notice all that’s beautiful in this world. It will also teach you how to spread love and joy to those around you.

⦁    You can enjoy everything this world has to offer; all you have to do is give yourself permission to celebrate!

4.    “I now choose thoughts that nourish and support me in a loving manner.” This will tell your subconscious that you’re serious and you want to make good, positive changes in your life.

⦁    This affirmation helps you open your mind to constructive thoughts so you can celebrate all the joys that life has to offer you.

5.    “I can relax and accept the good that I know I deserve in my life.” This is a positive affirmation that will help with your stress and patience.

⦁    No matter how long it may take, you can be confident that only good things await you.
⦁    Even though you may be completely stressed out, this affirmation will help you to relax and slow down.

6.    “I take time regularly to do the things that I love to do; I follow my heart and I am happy.” This positive affirmation celebrates someone very important – you! You take the time to make yourself a priority and you’re an active player in your life!

⦁    To be happy is extremely important and joy will follow you wherever you go when you recite this affirmation frequently.

Joy is essential and our lives should be filled with it. Positive affirmations allow us to refocus our lives to a point where we can be happy again. Practice positive affirmations on a regular basis and celebrate all the joy that this life has to offer!

I hope you enjoyed this article.  Have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotivateYourLifeWithBarbara/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbaraSavin

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19 Dec

Seeking Greater Happiness? This Research Might Surprise You

Over the last few years, there have been some fascinating studies done to determine what makes people happy. If you’re wondering how you could increase your happiness, here are some strategies suggested by the research:


  1. Give to others more often. Research indicates that people who give even a small amount of money, even just $5, are happier than those who spend money only on themselves.
  • Even more fascinating is that when researchers evaluated how people who buy for themselves feel, it was discovered that purchasing new items had no real effect on one’s happiness.
  • Maybe the reason you want to go shopping all the time is that, no matter what you buy or how much, it’s not really doing anything for you. Buying things doesn’t actually make you happy.
  1. Have children after you’re married. Another unexpected fact discovered in the research is that having children did actually pump up happiness, at least if you’re married. In terms of gender, a married father’s happiness increased less than a married mother’s.
  2. When you’re younger, go for excitement and adventure. Young people often reported their definition of happiness as “excitement.”
  3. As you age, strive for peacefulness. As individuals age, they indicate that happiness means having a “peaceful” life.
  4. Get some exercise. A Harvard study looked at people in their 50s and found that those who exercised regularly were happier when re-evaluated again at age 80 than those who didn’t exercise.
  5. Maintain a healthy weight. In the same Harvard study, weight was also a factor that could either make or break your level of happiness. Those who are overweight or underweight experience less happiness than those who keep their weight in the average range.
  6. Spend time often with your best friend. Go out and do things with your friends frequently or just hang out together. Having strong social supports will increase your happiness. Go ahead and call them right now for an immediate boost to your mood.
  7. According to the National Institute of Health, those who meditate regularly improve levels of happiness indirectly by increasing character traits that contribute to happiness, such as conscientiousness and empathy.
  8. Experience more and buy less. Another fascinating take away from the research is that you’ll be happier from having more experiences in life than you will from having more material goods.
  • Research indicates that people feel happier about their memories of events than they do about a recent purchase. After all, how often can you say to yourself ten years after buying something, “Wow, that new sweater really changed my life!” A canoe trip with your friends, on the other hand, is bound to create some great memories!


  1. Engage in activities that make you happy. Regardless of what others tell you about how to spend your time, if you take part in activities of your own choosing, you’ll be happier. Think about your friend who says, “Cleaning my house makes me happy. I really enjoy doing it.” You might have said, “Ugh, are you kidding?” The key is to do what you enjoy.
  • If you’re curious about acting in a play, take a local acting class. If you’ve always wanted to grab a pair of binoculars and go to the closest national park to go bird-watching, do it.
  • When you do all the things that spur your interests and satisfy your curiosities, or things that simply make your heart sing, you’ll feel happier.

This newest research regarding what makes people happy might help you in your own quest. Take advantage of the information presented here and increase your happiness. Go ahead, make someone happy: you!


I hope you enjoyed this article.  Have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotivateYourLifeWithBarbara/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbaraSavin

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05 Dec

Fill Your Life With Happiness

Happiness is a funny thing. Many experts say that happiness comes from within. This may be true, but there are also specific experiences that make us happy.

Maybe having a great day at the park with your kids filled you with happiness. Or perhaps that promotion you’d been working for finally came to pass. Bet you felt happy then! However, you probably also know someone who seems happy all the time, even when things aren’t going well in their life.

So how can you have more of this elusive thing that comes both from within and from without? Luckily, there are specific things we can do to bring more happiness into our lives. We can also choose to remove things from our lives that may prevent happiness.


Try these ideas to simplify your life and focus more on doing what brings you real happiness:

  1. Unplug from email. Everyone loves to get email, as long as it isn’t spam. But the enjoyment is only temporary. Think about the amount of time you spend on email over the course of a week. Is all that time you’re spending making you happy?
  • Do what you can to eliminate the 95% of the email that means the least to you, and limit this communication tool to those people you care about the most. Just knowing that you don’t have email piling-up 24/7 provides some mental relief which will help make way for happiness.
  1. Ditch all the stuff. Go through your belongings one by one and purge the stuff that you don’t need or love. All the extra stuff is just getting in your way and tying up your resources. Sell the stuff, pitch it, donate it, or give it away to friends.
  2. Cancel cable television. Cable TV is practically a given in our country. But the time it takes away from the average person’s life is staggering. And no one is happier from watching television. It merely serves as a distraction from the real issues, both positive and negative, in your life.
  • Try limiting your viewing to 2-3 hours a week. This will free up plenty of time to do other things you love or work toward goals that are important to you. Reaching those goals will, in all likelihood, bring you more happiness than excessive TV viewing!

Getting rid of these things might not directly increase your happiness, but it’ll allow you some time and space to do other things that will increase your happiness.


Now that you’re done with the big steps, what’s next? Take some time to consider these areas of your life:

  • Spend time on your relationships. How is your relationship with your spouse or partner? Is there something that could be improved upon? Making this relationship as positive as possible is crucial to your happiness.
  • Evaluate your social network. Are your friendships and social activities supporting your happiness? In what ways do they make you happy? How could you increase your positive feelings in this area?
  • Assess your health. Are you as healthy as you could be? Are you happy with your body? What changes could you make to your routine to bring about the results you desire?
  • Be honest with yourself about your career, finances, and hobbies. Look at each of these areas and determine if you would be happier with some changes. If so, make a plan with some easy action steps to get you started on a path that brings you more joy.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the dead weight and changed the things that aren’t as good as they could be you have room to add in activities that support your happiness. Don’t be in a big hurry to take up all the new space; enjoy the peace and quiet.

If you have an activity you’d really love to add to your life, now is the time to do it. Over time, continuing to add new things that bring joy will enhance your overall happiness. Your life will be forever changed.

Having a life filled with happiness is really quite simple. Just get rid of all the objects and activities that aren’t adding to your joy. At this point, you’ll have the time, space, and money available to add more satisfying features to your life.

Try implementing just one or two items from this plan today. Before you know it, your level of happiness will be higher than ever.

Hope you enjoyed this article and have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotivateYourLifeWithBarbara/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbaraSavin



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21 Nov

6 Simple Ways to Overcome Boredom

Everyone at one time or another has experienced some degree of boredom. Children are usually the quickest to say “I’m bored,” but as adults, we experience our share, too.

Don’t you sometimes wonder why you feel bored? It may be a feeling of laziness, exhaustion, or even a lack of mental stimulation.

Whatever the case may be, we all want to keep our mind and body at its peak. We also want to be an active player in our own lives. When we’re feeling bored, neither of these needs is being met.

However, with a bit of creativity, there’s no reason why you ever need to experience boredom!

Here are some simple suggestions to help you conquer boredom and liven things up:

1.    Read. This sounds rather obvious, doesn’t it? Well, it is! But it’s often the simplest ideas that are the most powerful.

⦁    Reading is a wonderful activity for the mind that can transport you into another time, place or situation. With so many genres to choose from, reading can be most interesting and even intoxicating.

⦁    If you’ve never been an avid reader, it’s possible that you simply haven’t found the right book. Experiment until you find the one that gets you hooked. You can also explore audio books and podcasts to keep your mind busy.

2.    Sing. You may not sound like Whitney Houston, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying music. Play some of your favorite tunes and sing at the top of your lungs!

⦁    Music provides fun, relieves stress, and can help you forget that the word “bored” was ever in your vocabulary!

3.    Cook. Get in the kitchen and try some new recipes. Remember, this isn’t about perfection. It doesn’t make a difference if you’re a four star chef or can’t cook worth a dime. This is about keeping the boredom at bay, while being an active player in your life.

⦁    Try a new recipe each week to add some interest to your dinner menus.

4.    Adopt a pet. Animals are wonderful companions. They’re loving, non-judgmental, and provide us with unconditional love. Animals also keep us feeling active and young. Most importantly, though, they keep us busy.

⦁    If you have a pet as a constant companion, you’ll never feel alone and you’ll make many wonderful memories together.

5.    Cultivate your mind. Boredom is something we allow and hold control over. By actively using our mind, boredom won’t be a concern again. Try expanding and cultivating your mind by taking a day trip to a museum, going to an art exhibit, or seeing a play.

⦁    Do something you’ve never done before. Find an activity that brings you new knowledge and skills. You may even discover some new talents you didn’t know you had when you take the initiative to try new things.

6.    Take advantage of the Internet. The Internet is a pantheon of information, and can be a great “boredom terminator,” but there’s also a lot of mindless drivel. If you decide to spend time online to combat your boredom, use that time wisely.

⦁    Each time you use the computer, attempt to walk away knowing something new. It’ll not only keep you busy, but you’ll expand your mind as well.

No one enjoys being bored, but thankfully there are countless ways to overcome boredom and get our mind and body active again. Use these tips to get you started, and enjoy a myriad of wonderful benefits in the process.

Hope you enjoyed this article and have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotivateYourLifeWithBarbara/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbaraSavin

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12 Nov

5 Strategies to Enjoy Your Free Time

Free time is good for the soul. Your best opportunity to re-charge your emotional batteries is to take advantage of those precious non-work hours.

Depending on how you spend it, free time allows you to truly express who you are and who you strive to be. You’ll feel at peace and content with your life when you begin to utilize non-work time doing the activities you love.

Try these tips on how to use your free time to your best advantage:

  1. Ask yourself, “What do I really long to do?” Make a list. Include simple and complex projects and activities you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Your list might have items on it like “do yoga 3 times a week, ” “watch those DVDs I bought 6 months ago,” “read at least one novel a month,” or “spend 2 hours making a scrapbook from last year’s vacation photos.” What makes your heart sing?
  1. Take a look at your calendar. It’s good to get a visual of how much free time you have in a given week. It can be exhilarating to realize you have 20 hours of free time each week. When does most of your free time occur? In the evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.? Or only on the weekends? Or both?
  • If you use a paper calendar, highlight the time blocks when your free time will happen in the coming week. You’ll feel a little excited and happy when you do this step. It just feels great to know you’ve got some “me time” coming.
  1. Plan desired activities by writing them into your schedule. It might be unusual for you to consider using your calendar to “schedule” free time. However, if it’s written in the calendar, you’re more likely to follow through.
  • For example, you might reserve 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tuesday to read a novel. From 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. you could schedule “work on vacation scrapbook.” From 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., maybe it’s “call my sister in TN.”
  • It’s not necessary to schedule every unscheduled bit of time you have. However, if it’s written into your schedule, it will be a great reminder for you to begin doing many of the things you long to do. You’ll get focused and feel more fulfilled once you start doing the activities you choose.
  1. Gather necessary supplies for favored activities in advance. You’ll be prepared to jump right in if you already have the supplies you need. Use shoe boxes or plastic bins to store supplies so everything will be at the ready when free time rolls around.
  2. Regularly update your list of desired activities. This is the wonderful thing about enjoying free time: you have free rein to change your mind and develop new, exciting interests at your whim. Life is incredibly enriching when you realize you can spend spare time taking part in activities you find stimulating, interesting, or just plain fun.

To feel content and develop a real enjoyment of life, use spare moments to your best advantage. Do every single thing you desire. Enrich your life by enjoying your free time!

Hope you enjoyed this article and have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara



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