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Survive Challenging People

Barbara Savin
Barbara E. Savin is an inspirational author and speaker, Gentle Energy Touch specialist, clinical & medical hypnotherapist, certified Reiki master/teacher and certified Pranic healer and life coach and spiritual consultant. Barbara’s book, “Gentle Energy Touch, The Beginner’s Guide to Hands-On Healing” is now available for purchase on Amazon and other book stores around the world. Since 2007, Barbara has been a consultant located onsite at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, and now holds the position of Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healing Specialist there. Barbara also provides energy healing sessions as well as clinical and medical hypnosis for individuals, corporations, groups, celebrities, directors, producers, and guests of R4.0 of The Ranch at Live Oak/Malibu and at Dr. Sharon Norlings’s Mind Body Spirit Center in Westlake Village, CA. To find out more, please visit her online at www.BarbaraSavin.com and on her Facebook page: facebook.com/GentleEnergyTouch
Barbara Savin

Are you losing your power and energy to people, places, or things?

  • powerSeeing an old friend or family member makes you suddenly feel your body tense
  • Watching the news or a movie leaves you feeling anxious and depressed
  • Family, friends, and partners leave you feeling drained
  • Partners or ex-partners (spouses, bosses, etc.) bring fear and other negative emotions into your life
  • You feel demands placed upon you from family or friends
  • Crowds make you anxious or nervous
  • You are unable to sleep at night
  • You feel weakness and extreme fatigue after spending time with somebody
  • Listening to someone who has a big personal problem makes you uncomfortable
  • Your own thoughts even sometimes leave you exhausted

If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, you are experiencing energy contamination.

It is now time for you to reclaim your power and energy by taking your life back from those individuals who drain you. You can begin spreading the spirit of our happiness and eliminate those of a negative nature. Shield yourself from psychic attacks and live free.

Learn Self-defense Strategies

self-defenseOver the years, I began writing down these challenging individuals and began researching how to deal with them. What you need to do is to learn psychic self-defense strategies. By knowing this, you will be able to overcome the negative energies and those difficult people who can penetrate your own energy field.

Being human, you can become psychologically and physically weak and all because unclean and harmful energies linger in our energy system. Isn’t it time to have some solutions on how best to deal with these draining people?

Stop avoiding certain people and the situations they put you through. Gain confidence and be able to stop a negative person before they can even start with you. It is time for you to regain your power and take back control of your environment.


Survive Challenging People
Course Details

This is one of the most complete seminars on How to Survive Challenging People. In this 3 hour (one hour weekly) seminar you will be provided the tools to break free from the draining, frustrating, and exhausting grip of the negative people in your life. In addition, you will learn how to clear and strengthen your energy field and aura, set boundaries and so much more. You will learn and understand:

Week 1

  • What is Grounding
  • Benefits of Grounding
  • Grounding meditation
  • What is an Aura
  • How an aura becomes weak
  • How an aura can become strong
  • Protecting your aura (learn how to take control of your energy levels)
  • What is Energy Protection
  • Benefits of Energy Protection
  • Keeping Your Energy and Body Healthy
  • The Importance of a Strong Mind
  • Ways to spot a difficult person and how to identify if you are under a psychic attack


Week 2

  • The Top 13 Energy Drainers
  • Strategies and Solutions to deal with each in a loving way


Week 3

  • Identifying the energy drainers in your life
  • Toolbox of techniques you can use in most situations
  • Energy Protection Techniques – Non-Spiritual
  • Energy Protection Techniques – Spiritual
  • How to Sage yourself and your home/office
  • Crystals for clearing, healing and protection

Your Course includes:

  • 3 1-hour conference calls packed with strategies and techniques
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations to follow along
  • Weekly reference handouts to help new learning stick
  • Recordings available for download


Live calls will be on Feb 16th, Feb 23rd, and March 2nd at 6pm PST/9pm EST. Detailed call and login information will be emailed to you. Please see the flyer here for a 20% discount code.

Barbara Savin is a Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, Master Energy Healer, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Pranic Healer and Certified Meditation Instructor. Her best-selling book Gentle Energy Touch: The Beginner’s Guide to Hands-On-Healing is available in bookstores everywhere.



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