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Dear Lissa,

I wrote to you once before because I have such a difficult time pronouncing the names and

just now I found your site on YouTube and you were demostrating a salad.

I have not been blessed with the gift of hearing and without Closed Caption I miss everything.

Do you have a site where I can find your salad recipe or “read” conversations?

Thank you very much, Lissa




Hi, Vivian!

I have recipes up on familyeveryday.com in the Coffey Kitchen.  You can read them there, and also share some of your own with our community.  The recipe for the Sunday Salad is very easy – it’s really just the salad dressing, you can use any greens you like.

 1/4 cup rice vinegar

1/4 cup sesame oil

1 heaping tablespoon mellow white miso

Mix with a fork until creamy and pour on salad!


Re: discussions, I just started a CoffeyTalk group on facebook – so if you’re on facebook, put CoffeyTalk in the search box and you’ll find us!  It’s a great group of people and there are some wonderful conversations going on.  


I will look into adding Closed Captioning to my videos, I think it’s a good idea!  Thanks!