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All About Pitta

Pitta-type people are generally of medium size and well proportioned. They have a medium amount of physical energy and stamina. They also tend to be intelligent and have a sharp wit and a good ability to concentrate. Fire is a characteristic of Pitta, whether it shows up as fiery red hair or a short temper. Since Pittas’ body temperature is generally warm, Pitta types can go out of balance with overexposure to the sun. Their eyes are sensitive to light. They are ambitious by nature but also can be demanding and abrasive.

Pitta types are known for their strong digestion but should be careful not to abuse it. Their heat makes them particularly thirsty, and they should take caution not to douse their agni, or digestive fire, with too much liquid during meals. Pitta dosha leads us to crave moderation and purity. We rely on Pitta to regulate our intake of food, water, and air. Any toxins, such as alcohol or tobacco, show up as a Pitta imbalance. Toxic emotions such as jealousy, intolerance, and hatred also should be avoided to keep Pitta in balance for optimum health.

Pitta & Sleep

Pittas work hard all day and sometimes have trouble turning off their active minds to go to sleep. They need to take some time between work and sleep to really wind down and relax. A cool shower or bath also helps to soothe Pitta toward a restful night’s sleep.

Ayurveda recommends that everyone keep a regular bedtime and morning routine. Bedtime should be at the same time each night, preferably at 10:00 P.M. The hours before bed should be spent with quiet activity, Yoga, and meditation. You should awaken at dawn, between 6:00 and 8:00 A.M., and proceed with your daily rituals.

Pitta Tea A delicious combination of fragrant Rose Petals and refreshing spices, Pitta Tea is the perfect answer when you’re feeling intense or frustrated. Drunk warm or cool, it helps cool down your mind, body and emotions.

Cooling Massage Oil for Pitta The Pitta blend combines Grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Lavender in Coconut Oil for a cooling and refreshing massage.

Pitta & Digestion

Ayurveda teaches that good digestion leads to good health and poor digestion can bring disease. Each mind/body type digests differently. It is important to understand your mind/body type and how it digests food when planning your meals.

Pitta digestion is usually strong and intense. Pittas should favor cool or warm, rather than hot, foods, with moderately heavy textures. Foods should include bitter, sweet, and astringent tastes.

Print the Pitta Diet Info Sheet

Pitta & Stress

Balance Pitta when you are intense, critical, frustrated or angry, and prone to overwork, a ravenous appetite, and sensitive skin.

If you’re feeling stressed because you are angry, Pitta Tea will help “cool you off.”

Pitta & Colds

Pitta colds include a high fever and sore throat. A cooling Pitta routine should be followed. Try Cooling Pitta Aroma Oil a cool blend of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and other essential oils.

Pitta Ayurveda Products

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Ayurveda Tip:

Pitta types are most sensitive to sight.