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Vata - November

Author: Lissa Coffey
You're starting to feel it - that chill in the air. Time to add a blanket to your bed, and keep a sweater in the car for when you need one but have forgotten. The start of Vata season is showing now just in your body, but in your mind, as you're just a little more forgetful, a little more spacey. It's okay, use the weather as a good excuse for a nice long soak in the tub - you deserve it!

Pitta - November

Author: Lissa Coffey
Pitta-baby is outdoors and loving it! It feels great to get out and run in the crisp, cool air. Although you may be tempted by some enchiladas with hot sauce, pass on that, and order the tostada instead. No need to stoke that digestive fire unnecessarily. You're feeling active at work and now is the time for you to get a lot done.

Kapha - November

Author: Lissa Coffey
Kapha is happy to gather around the fireplace, or the big-screen, with family and friends this time of year. Break out the poker chips or the Scrabble set instead of just sitting back and snoozing. You need some stimulating conversation, so get on the phone with someone you haven't talked with in awhile and catch up.