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Vata - September

Author: Lissa Coffey
Time to eek out that last bit of summer - spend time outdoors soaking up the sun, it warms your Vata bones! This is a busy time of year, with school starting and new projects to take on. Pace yourself, don't get too caught up in

Pitta - September

Author: Lissa Coffey
You've been cooped up in air conditioning too long! These cool end-of-summer evenings are wonderful for long walks in the moonlight, which are so balancing for fiery Pitta. You've got a lot on your mind, but try not to stress about things that are off in the future. Handle what's on your plate right now, stay in the moment.

Kapha - September

Author: Lissa Coffey
Ah, Kapha, it's sad to see summer end, but look at all you have to look forward to! Especially the holidays, which are right around the corner! Rather than dwelling on the memories, take this time to make plans for family get-togethers and company parties. You're the best at getting people together.