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Vata - June

Author: Lissa Coffey
June is bustin' out all over! You have so much energy right now - use it wisely and don't wear yourself out. When Vata gets worn out it takes a long time to recover. So enjoy this burst of energy, but don't use it all up at one time! Focus on what you want to accomplish. Write down your goals and do something everyday that will help you get there.

Pitta - June

Author: Lissa Coffey
People around you are wanting to kick off their shoes and forget about work for awhile and it's driving you crazy. Resist the tendency to criticize and instead use your admirable leadership skills to inspire the team. Then when you get home, leave your work at the office and just settle into a soothing shower. You'll feel better in no time!

Kapha - June

Author: Lissa Coffey
Kapha gets a little bit sluggish this time of year. Just keep your eye on the prize - once you get something started, you drive through like a steam train! Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to, so go for it. Then once you're done you can rest and enjoy for awhile... but not for too long!