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Doshas and Age

One of the ways that our doshas shift over the years is with our age. As children, and up to about age 20-25, we tend to have more Kapha in our constitution…

We are more care-free, we may have some “baby-fat” left over. We can happily sleep for longer periods of time at a stretch. At around age 20, we start accumulating more Pitta in our system. We are more ambitious as we enter the working world. We may become more impatient and competitive. And we are forced to become more organized and responsible as adults. After about age 50, Vata expresses itself more strongly in our constitution.

As we age, our hair and skin become more dry and thin. We don’t remember things as easily as we
did before. And we may have difficulty with our regular sleep patterns.

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Ayurveda Tip:

Pittas learn systematically, they think logically.