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Bahavior Rasayanas

Ayurveda recommends the reading of the Bhagavad-Gita for spiritual nourishment. From this text, a set of Behavior Rasayanas, or behavioral recommendations, has been developed. It is said that following these instructions will help to avoid contradictions in the mind and therefore prevent physiological strain.

Behavior Rayasanas

– Be honest and kind.
– Be free from anger.
– Abstain from immoderate behavior.
– Be nonviolent and calm.
– Observe cleanliness in yourself and your environment.
– Be charitable toward others.
– Observe a regular daily routine.
– Be loving and compassionate.
– Be respectful, especially to teachers and elders.
– Keep the company of the wise.
– Be modest, have good manners.
– Follow your religious beliefs, be self-disciplined.
– Keep a positive outlook.
– Devote yourself to the development of higher states of consciousness.

It is not necessary to memorize these rasayanas, as doing so may put strain on the mind. Just read them every once in awhile to remind yourself of the simple things you can do to help yourself and, in turn, to help the world.

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Ayurveda Tip:

Pittas learn systematically, they think logically.