08 Nov

Spiking Your Holidays with an Attitude of Gratitude

Susan Sherayko
Susan Sherayko is a spiritual life coach, author of Rainbows Over Ruins, Executive in Charge of Production and Emmy nominated Line Producer for “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel. Susan also produces a podcast, "Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity" that guides people through a process that enabled her to rebuild after a landslide. When not writing and producing, Susan lives on a 5 acre ranch with her husband, horses and dogs. To learn more, visit: the Hay House Online Catalog, Amazon.com or Balboa Press. http://bookstore.balboapress.com/Products/SKU-000627602/Rainbows-Over-Ruins.aspx
Susan Sherayko

Thanksgiving is such a
wonderful time of year.  No matter our
differing backgrounds, we can each spend a little time to celebrate that which
we find meaningful in our lives.  For as
long as I can remember, our family and friends have gathered for that
purpose.  We give thanks for the food
that graces our table. We give thanks for work, for health, for companionship,
for major and minor successes, the blessing of our country, improvements we see
around us, small and large miracles.

For one day each year, we take
the time to appreciate the people, places and things that contribute so much to
what we enjoy in life.  We give thanks
for what has been received, and express gratitude for that which we are about
to receive.  It’s more than just saying
grace, it’s anticipating the abundance of our world – an abundance which is all
around us if we have the eyes to see. 

For many, expressing thanks is
something they only do on the holiday, if at all.  Their thoughts are filled with what Noah St.
John calls “head trash.”  They do not
allow positive thoughts or dreams to stay long in their conscious mind.  As a result, they develop what is called a
bad attitude.  People around them feel
the negative energy they are radiating and tend to pull away from them.

Attitude is easily noticed by
other people. It is reflected in the way we think, the way we feel and what we
do.  When people have a good attitude, we
enjoy being around them.  So how do we
turn our thinking around so we are radiating positive energy that supports us
and others? 

One of the ways to attract
more into our lives is to appreciate what we see around us.  It’s a form of love that draws positive
things to us.  One of the best ways to
increase the flow of abundance, joy and well-being to you is to start
appreciating what is around you right now. 
You may not see that right this moment. 
In fact, you may be decidedly leaning in the opposite direction.  But if you want to start turning your life
around, start to appreciate it.  Find
just one thing.  Look for it – the sun,
the rain, a bird in the sky, the wag of a tail, a child’s laugh, or a surprise
smile.  All you need to do is make a
point of appreciating one thing around you. 

As part of my daily routine, I
make a point to express gratitude for ten things.  They are not always at the top of my
mind.  In the beginning, I had to be
thankful for very simple things, however, over the past couple years, I have
found more and more things and I’m grateful for some pretty wonderful
improvements.  By cultivating this habit
on a daily basis, I feel as if I have developed an attitude of gratitude that
draws ever more positive things into my life. 
It’s something I experience every day, not just once a year. 

It has also helped to monitor
my daydreams so that I can catch any negatives slipping into my thinking. There
is a simple exercise to do this.  When
you realize you are expressing a negative idea, write it down on the left side
of a piece of paper.  On the right side,
write down what would be the positive opposite to that idea.  For example, if you are saying you are
unhappy, write down that you are happy. 
Then ask yourself: Why am I happy or why am I starting to feel
happy?  This positive why question is called
an “afformation.”  The technique provides
a way for your subconscious mind to begin to search for all the reasons you are
starting to feel happy and bring them to your conscious mind.  It is amazing how fast and easy it is to see
the results. 

Another way you can begin to
express gratitude and appreciation is to create a subtle form of vision board
as part of your holiday décor.  I did
this once years ago when I created a wall hanging in the shape of a Christmas
tree onto which I had taped all the things I had accomplished in the prior
year, as well as my dreams for the coming year. 
You could also create a Gratitude Garland.  As you get ready to hang garlands around your
home for the holiday season, spend a few minutes interweaving slips of paper
into them containing positive statements and questions, accomplishments that
make you feel good, dreams you are pursuing, and of course thanks and
gratitude.  You will be surrounded by
visions of abundance and good fortune throughout the holiday season. 

This is the perfect time to
start to lay the groundwork for a fabulous new year.  May you reap the benefits when you spike your
holiday with a refreshing attitude of gratitude.

With appreciation,


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