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Lissa’s Blog

Help Women in India and Be Fashionable, Too!

DharmaSmart has created a special bracelet to help non-profit organization Yoga Gives Back raise funds to support women in India ...

All Children are Our Children

All Children are Our Children A study commissioned by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption showed that nearly 40% of ...

Buy Books!

I read a commentary yesterday from someone who said that bailing out the auto industry is like investing in CDs ...

Family Down Under

Yesterday I received a sad phone call.  My husband's mother lives in Australia, and the nurse in her community phoned ...

5th Metatarsal

Tuesday night - I'm at Brian's Volleyball game and the place is packed. Our team is playing the cross town ...

Tom Cruise: Enough Already!

I'm so glad that other people are speaking out about Tom Cruise and his insensitivity, and downright... well, stupidity! After ...