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Starting A Peace Cell

A Peace Cell is a group of like-minded people who come together to help transform their own lives and their communities. Peace Cells are based on the vision of the unity of all life, and the desired attainment of peace for the whole world.

To organize a Peace Cell in your area:

  1. Look for people in your community who are acting as agents of change and have a common an interest in spirituality. You will often find people like this in yoga groups, meditation groups, human rights advocacy groups, cultural groups, etc. Post information about your Peace Cell and your meetings in places where these people gather. Your Peace Cell can be large or small, it’s up to you where and when you meet.
  2. Schedule a time and plan to meet as a group to discuss ideas and goals for your Peace Cell that are shared by everyone. You can have a group discussion, a meditation, an inspirational speaker, or whatever activity you choose. The idea is just to personally connect and share with each other your feelings about peace. You may choose to take action in your community by doing volunteer work, or educational work.
  3. Establish a time for a weekly non-local meditation that all members can participate if they choose to do so. Develop an E-mail community to encourage members of the Peace Cell to share their experiences and suggestions to promote Peace.
  4. Participate in the annual Human Forum where people from Peace Cells all over the world get together to celebrate humanity and share ideas for transforming the world into a better place.