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A Message From Deepak


Dear Friends,

The search for a new narrative that unites us and takes us to the dawn of a new civilization is a fundamental driving force at these crossroads of humanity.

At this moment, nothing is more important, than to link all those who believe that we must set forth a new narrative and create a new world where hope, social justice, peace, and a sense of the sacredness of life prevails. For this we need to connect until we form a critical mass of humanity that influences the change at a global scale. By creating a broad ranging partnership between all those who care, we bring together the streams that work towards creating that critical mass.

The Alliance for a New Humanity is an open forum to facilitate an exchange amongst those who care for their fellow beings, and who understand that there is only one human family. It is a network of love in action, a collective statement of the best of our human nature, meant to influence social consciousness so that we can move to a society of peace and serenity.