14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day

Susan Sherayko
Susan Sherayko is a spiritual life coach, author of Rainbows Over Ruins, Executive in Charge of Production and Emmy nominated Line Producer for “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel. Susan also produces a podcast, "Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity" that guides people through a process that enabled her to rebuild after a landslide. When not writing and producing, Susan lives on a 5 acre ranch with her husband, horses and dogs. To learn more, visit: the Hay House Online Catalog, Amazon.com or Balboa Press. http://bookstore.balboapress.com/Products/SKU-000627602/Rainbows-Over-Ruins.aspx
Susan Sherayko

We belong to a mutual appreciation society, my baby and
me!  And I’m very glad we do for
appreciation is the sweet sauce that makes the Law of Attraction yield its

Akin to gratitude, appreciation is a way of expressing love
for the people, places and things in your life. 
It is a recognition that expressing those positive feelings for what is
working in your life or what is bringing more of what you want into your life
will bring even more to you. 

Have you heard that expression that you have to “Be” it
before you will “See” it?  Being it
involves vibrating at the same level as that which you desire.  Appreciation is a way of being what you

What do you want out of life?  What will it feel like when you have it?  Start feeling that way right now.  If you don’t feel it yet, then look around
you.  What could you do today to help you
feel that way right where you are? 

Show your appreciation. 
Thank the gardener, the housekeeper, the mail carrier, the waitress, the
grocery store clerk, the teacher and the kid next door who brings the
paper.  These are people who help create
the lifestyle you have visualized.  They
free up your day so you can enjoy the company of your family, friends and
special someone. 

Does it sound simple? 
It is.  It’s easy to do and easy
not to do.  It would be better if we
remembered to do it every day rather than setting aside a single day as a
holiday to do it. 

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget to give thanks to
the Supreme Consciousness – the Love, Light and Power – in which we all
dwell.  All things are possible at love
and above – so let’s send love out into the Universe and rejoice when it’s
returned tenfold. 

I’m going to spend the rest of my day celebrating with my
loved ones.  May you do the same.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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