09 Jun

Gentle Energy Touch

Barbara Savin
Barbara E. Savin is an inspirational author and speaker, Gentle Energy Touch specialist, clinical & medical hypnotherapist, certified Reiki master/teacher and certified Pranic healer and life coach and spiritual consultant. Barbara’s book, “Gentle Energy Touch, The Beginner’s Guide to Hands-On Healing” is now available for purchase on Amazon and other book stores around the world. Since 2007, Barbara has been a consultant located onsite at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, and now holds the position of Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healing Specialist there. Barbara also provides energy healing sessions as well as clinical and medical hypnosis for individuals, corporations, groups, celebrities, directors, producers, and guests of R4.0 of The Ranch at Live Oak/Malibu and at Dr. Sharon Norlings’s Mind Body Spirit Center in Westlake Village, CA. To find out more, please visit her online at www.BarbaraSavin.com and on her Facebook page: facebook.com/GentleEnergyTouch
Barbara Savin

Imagine being able to utilize the power of your mind for the purpose of healing with Universal Energy—just by asking. Gentle Energy Touch (G.E.T.), a form of energy medicine pioneered by Barbara Savin, does just that by using intention to begin the healing process of an individual.

In Gentle Energy Touch readers will learn some of Savin’s basic, hands-on techniques for assisting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The beauty of G.E.T. is that it can produce results on its own but it also complements all medical treatments and modalities, often shortening treatment and speeding healing. It is particularly effective for pain management and has also been used successfully to treat many other ailments.

Gentle Energy Touch includes simple explanations of the chakras and auras and how energy moves—and gets stuck—in the body, and then guides readers through an energy healing session, the various ideal hands-on positions for different ailments, and then closing and grounding at the end. Numerous exercises demonstrate the effects of G.E.T. with over 50 photographs showing readers the proper positioning for hands-on healing. Order your copy today at www.Amazon.com and go to Gentle Energy Touch.  Visit Barbara’s website at www.BarbaraSavin.com or email Barbara at:  BarbaraESavin@aol.com

I will be writing many articles on energy protection, chakras, energy healing and other topics. so please add this to your favorite page…See you real soon with exciting things!  Have a beautiful day filled with love and light, Barbara

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