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PRESS RELEASE: Achieve CLOSURE in Any Relationship

February 1, 2010
Los Angeles, CA

Research shows that there is a “breakup season” between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, when couples are more than twice as likely to split than at any other time of year. Whether you’ve experienced a change in a relationship two days ago, or ten years ago, many times there are emotions that linger, and nag at you. This is when you need CLOSURE.

With Closure and the Law of Relationship: Endings as New Beginnings, lifestyle and relationship expert Lissa Coffey takes an in-depth look at the course of relationships in our lives and shows how each can be a learning tool in our journey of Self-awakening. “When we can look at the people in our lives as teachers or students,” Coffey says, “and as being there at a specific time for a specific purpose, then we will value our relationships all the more.”

In this inspiring and practical book, Coffey takes us on a journey of human relationships as she speaks about the ties we create with our parents, partners, siblings, children, friends and coworkers. Coffey says the Law of Relationship is a tool we can use much in the same way as we use the Law of Attraction. It explains our universal interconnectedness and puts forth the point that we are here to help each other learn and grow.

To move on, to progress, from a change in any relationship, whether it is from a breakup, a death, a move, or any other reason, a sense of closure becomes of paramount importance. In this, her newest book, Coffey provides a five-step process through which closure becomes possible.
With the assistance of real-life examples, Transformation Applications, and Wisdom Affirmations, Coffey illuminates our understanding and provides activities to help readers process the different relationship stages. In Closure and the Law of Relationship, she has created a practical, spiritual guide to help readers achieve peace of mind and greater Self-realization.

“Eastern philosophy teaches us that change is inevitable, and yet suffering is not. In her insightful new book, “Closure & The Law of Relationship” Lissa Coffey shows us how to learn and grow as we move through the evolution of our relationships. Highly recommended.” -Deepak Chopra, Author of The Ultimate Happiness Prescription

– Lissa Coffey, lifestyle and relationship expert, is a frequent contributor to many national television shows, including The Today Show. She has been featured in a number of national publications such as Redbook and Woman’s Day, and is the author of several books, including the best-selling What’s Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love.

Contact: 818-707-7127