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Getting There! 9 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn What Matters Most in Life


By Lissa Coffey

Foreword by Thom Hartmann

“Since I consider parenting to be the most important profession in the world, and family the foundation for the future, I strongly recommend that all parents and those who expect to be parents read and re-read Lissa Coffey’s Getting There!”

– John Wooden, author of They Call Me Coach

“Lissa has written a wonderful book that will enrich the lives of individuals and their families.”
-Dr. Robert Brooks, author of The Self-Esteem Teacher

“This book is a treasure!”
– Diana Loomans, author of Full Esteem Ahead

“At a time of increasing spiritual malnutrition, Getting There! is a family fear. Sit down with those you love and partake. Your heart will thank you for it.”

– Paul Pearsall, PhD, author of Wishing Well: Making Your Every Wish Come True

Lissa Coffey has her priorities straight: the heart is home! We’re together forever to learn and share an energetic attitude of gratitude! Getting There offers down-to-earth, practical ideas for strengthening your family ties, increasing your family’s spiritual intelligence, and teaching your kids what really is important. Replete with inspiring quotes, I’ve-been-there stories you’ll relate to and learn from, and ideas for family activities, this is a book you’ll turn to over and over again.