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11 Jul

My Friend is Getting Married and I’m Jealous

We have all experienced the jealous loved one before. Maybe you are even the jealous individual. The topic comes up frequently on relationship advice message boards. “My friend is getting married. I’m jealous of their happiness. What do I do?” It is not uncommon for single individuals to feel jealous when a friend or loved one is getting married. Often someone may feel a juxtaposition of happiness for their friend and worry about their own future when it comes to love. What do you do if you experience jealousy? How do you handle it through Yoga wisdom?

First we must discuss the reason that may cause jealousy. One reason is you may believe love is a random thing, a random experience that happens out of the blue to only people who are very pretty, very successful, or just plain lucky. And if it doesn’t happen to you think you are not pretty, you’re not successful, or you’re just not lucky, that belief leads to you not feeling good and you take that negative energy and it becomes jealousy.

The yoga approach to love is consciously creating love with intention. For example, if you want to get a better body you follow a certain set of processes and over a course of months you’re going to have the change in body and if you do everything right you become stronger and fitter. You have the same opportunities to get into shape and be physically fit as anyone else. The playing field is even for everyone. The same can be applied to love. If you practice yoga techniques to find love you will find love as well.

There is one very important thing to keep in mind that is often overlooked. You should always bless a happy married couple. Always send them healing and peace. Be genuinely happy for them because you are anticipating your moment, and it’s like a rehearsal for your experience. You can say “Oh wow this is how it’s going to be for me. Awesome.” Know also that from a karma perspective every time you are jealous it’s going to lessen your chances for finding love. So it is for your own good that you don’t indulge in jealousy. There are techniques in the Yoga & Love book that teach you how you can consciously create that love experience. Love is a consequence of your own thoughts and feelings. What you feel inside is what you will attract.

Yoga Wisdom:

  • Understand the real reasons behind your jealousy.
  • Know that love is not a random event for people you may view as more worthy.
  • Just like everyone has the same opportunities to get into physical shape, you have the same opportunities to find love.
  • Instead of feeling jealous, bless a married couple. Be genuinely happy for them because you are anticipating your moment when you find love.
  • From a karma perspective, every time you are jealous it decreases your chances of finding true love.
  • What you feel inside is what you will attract.
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30 May

Fasting for Love: A Yoga Perspective

Here in America we are told to do many things to attract
true love. “Get a good job.” “Buy a fancy car.” Or “Lose some weight and get a
makeover.” But very few people, if any, in the western world will suggest
fasting to attract love. When we think of fasting it might conjure images of
monks cloistered away in monasteries, fasting for weeks on end in the hopes it
brings a vision from God. In the western world we live under this assumption
that fasting is only for very religious and holy people, not the average person
walking on the street. The truth is, fasting is an incredibly powerful
scientific tool that can help you attract the love of your dreams.

First of all, we need to understand what fasting is. On a
daily basis we eat three meals a day with snacks in between. The stomach is
working 24/7 and gets no rest. It takes a lot of energy to make energy. The Yoga
masters tell us that instead of using up all the energy for digestion, through
fasting that energy can go towards healing. Fasting is also a tune up for the
stomach because all the excess prana goes into healing instead of digestion.
Then when you set an intention the mind makes it so because we are so powerful.
When I was younger I set my intention to one day work in America, and now I do.
Every thought has power, and has the power to become reality. Because 24/7
digestion can lower the levels of prana we don’t have enough prana to
materialize our dreams.

Fasting is known as one of the most powerful ways to change
your karma. Through fasting you can have healing, better digestion, and get rid
of toxins that have lived in your body for years. Fasting purifies the blood.
After fasting the blood has more oxygen so you don’t feel so drowsy and blood
pressure comes back to normal. From a psychological perspective you start
feeling good. From a spiritual perspective it changes your karma. Once you
start feeling happy, it changes your karma, you start feeling more in control.
Your deepest karma has the ability to be positively changed through fasting.
After fasting your outlook towards the world changes. I have personally been
fasting for years and have coached many people on fasting, and they end up finding
love because fasting is one of the most powerful ways to increase magnetisim.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of fasting, what are
the steps a person takes to fast properly? Start with one day a week and one
night. Just fast on fresh juice from fruit. And slowly build it up to two days.
Over a period of six months you will get rid most toxins from your body. It
really helps you make clear decisions, especially regarding love. From a yoga
perspective you can build up so much magnetism, you can attract your soul mate,
your spirit follows you, whatever intention you set it will be so.

Why would someone want to fast to increase their magnetism
and attract true love? In Indian Yoga culture it is a very normal and accepted
technique to fast for love. Fasting is a very powerful tool and has been used
in yoga culture for thousands of years. You can fast for many reasons, to get a
good job or purely for health reasons.

Yoga Wisdom:

Fasting is an extremely powerful tool to help
you attract love.

Our body uses up a lot of prana and energy
during digestion.

When we fast the energy we use for digestion
instead goes to healing and manifesting our intentions.

Fasting is one of the most powerful ways to
change your karma.

Fasting has several physiological benefits as
well as psychological ones.

Start fasting one day and night a week on juice
from fruits and slowly build up to more days over time.

After a period of 6 months your body will be
cleaned of toxins.

Fasting has been used for thousands of years.

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13 May

Hot Chick/Player Syndrome: The Current State of Love in America


“Men don’t look at me anymore.” A client once told me about
fifteen minutes into a coaching session. I asked her why she felt this
mattered. In reply she told me she believed because she was getting older that
men no longer found her as physically attractive. This, of course, was not the
truth. The problem was she had allowed her mind to tell her that because she
was aging she was no longer as worthy of finding love. There are millions of
men and women out there who believe similarly. Thus, the Hot Chick/Player
Syndrome has emerged and taken hold in American society.

Here in America we have some very obvious, but skewed,
standards of what makes a person desirable. For a woman it is all about how
physically attractive she is and how much she flaunts her sexual desirability
to the opposite sex. For a man it is all about how many notches he has on his
belt, how many women are at his beck and call, and how many of them he has
slept with. No matter where you go women are living the Hot Chick Syndrome,
believing that if they are not physically attractive and sexy enough they won’t
find true love. Men are given this player image, or Player Syndrome, and told
it is the epitome of manliness. It’s no wonder that society believes the myth
to be truth. Men are taught the standards are “How much fun can I have? How
much can I score and how best can I go about it?” The Player Syndrome holds to
the belief that there is no permanent love. The Hot Chick and Player Syndrome
are the male and female equivalents of the same thing. Both the Hot Chick and
Player Syndromes are all about mastering the outer game. But the truth is you can
never master the outer game without the inside as well.

This is what I believe to be the state of love here in
America. The myth is presented everywhere from pop music, film, advertisements,
and even books. So what has brought about this myth of how to achieve true
love? There is little to no reference point for love. Many grow up in homes
where loving relationships were not modeled for them for various reasons. If a
person has not had that model of what a healthy and loving relationship looks
like then they have no real reference point to go by. Another reason why this
myth has become the state of love in America is we have an enormous amount of
freedom in this country. While our freedom is a wonderful blessing, it is
frequently abused, especially when it comes to love. Freedom in love without
responsibility is much like giving a toddler an open can of red paint and
leaving them alone in a room full of white walls. Before you can blink much of
that red paint will be all over the room! It is the same way when it comes to
abusing our freedom when it comes to love. This is why having a model for
healthy and loving relationships is so important. Otherwise we are just going
from one myth to another, getting no closer to true love than we were before.

How can we apply Yoga wisdom in these situations? First we
must ask ourselves a series of questions.

What is love?

What is marriage?

Why is marriage important to me?

Yoga has very clear answers to these questions. Yoga teaches
you to work on the inside and everything you need is already inside you. All
you have to do is just got to take off the layers and remove the veil. The way
you achieve this is through yoga techniques.

Yoga Wisdom:

The Hot Chick/Player Syndrome is the male and
female equivalents of the same thing.

Both are about mastering the outside. But you
cannot master the outside without first mastering the inside.

We need to find role models that can show us
what a healthy and loving relationship looks like.

We need to create a balance between freedom and

We need to be able to answer 3 key questions
about love and why we are seeking a relationship.

We need to use Yoga techniques to remove the
layers on the inside so that we can have clear answers to these 3 questions if
we do not have them yet.

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