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23 Jul

Define Your Truth to Find Purpose

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed my hair color, clothing styles, favorite bands and authors, or wall colors in my house (the painter (hubby) sighs…).  Realistically, I am a highly cultivated experiencer of new and creative things (self-proclaimed…and that’s the point to this article).  I’ve discovered that effective change comes after deciding a thing or idea no longer is a part of who you are today and not because someone else or societal trends say so.  Truth changes us but only if it is OUR truth and we genuinely experience it to serve who we are or want to be.  When honored as a part of your sacred path, defining YOUR truth is the most significant change you will ever experience!

The Truth that Frees Us

There are more ideas, concepts, theologies, and philosophies to collect as truth than there are species of animals on this planet.  And sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to join with or let go of.  Well, it can be simple if you consider only how it makes you feel about yourself while you believe it.  If you feel energized and as though you’ve known it all along…chances are it may be YOUR truth to own.  It is resonating with who you are today.  However, if you constantly question something and it’s origins, it’s effectiveness in your life, it could be time to reevaluate it.  We can only truly be free to fly as our authentic selves when we connect to truth that brings wind to our wings.  Think in terms of not what is right or wrong but what recognizes who you are as a human being and unique soul.  And never stop defining who you are.

“Remind yourself that you will incur the misunderstanding and perhaps even wrath of those around you for having the temerity to march to your own drumbeat. Don’t take it personally even for one moment. It is merely a strategy to get you to conform, and when you fail to react, the wrath will quickly disappear. At the same time, allow those in your immediate sphere to have the joy of blissfully marching to their own beat.” ~DR. WAYNE W. DYER

Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Just as I am always shocked when I look in the mirror after going from being a redhead to a blonde or vica-versa, I am a little taken back by introducing new beliefs and truths to my life.  It’s exciting on one hand but can also produce some anxiety.  The “what ifs”, and the “what will others think?”  come in and cause my newborn beliefs to shudder…just a little.  But, thankfully, I’ve done this enough that I now honor those feelings and let them go quietly out the door with my old beliefs.  Letting go is liberating!

Fear Grounds Us

Picture yourself poised in a grand hot air balloon ready to take off on a journey to discover a glorious perspective from the sky.  Now, imagine you are afraid of heights.  Your sudden jolt of anxiety forces you to exit the balloon.  How disappointing and disheartening to know that no matter how hard you try you can’t bring yourself to experience the thing you’re afraid of…your purpose and perspective  is grounded. What if you just decided to change your beliefs (your truth) about yourself?  This is just one example of how our self-proclaimed truth can serve or not serve our intentions.  My experience is that when I define who I am in the midst of fear, I can dispel it with a new belief.  I decide what flys.  You do too.

Living Your New Truth

After the first initial moments of anything that serves who you are today, you suddenly realize you can adapt and let go of the fear and old ways that no longer resonate with your true self.  In this moment of definition, you change.  You are free.  Living your truth can be a challenge, however, if you struggle with allowing others-outside influences- (the media, your family, friends, social networks, ministers, bosses, teachers, etc.) to define you. But if you are OK with this practice, then I guess that is also a defining part of who you are.  Either way, these choices are yours to make.  Living your truth in my experience is the most vividly expressive contribution we can ever make to our world and genuine praise to our Creator.

What are some of your sources for new truth and how do they affect your life overall?

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16 Apr

Passion: A Sign of Purpose?

Passion – a word that has so much energy and promise. It brings lovers together; it wins wars; it creates fine art and literature; it makes money; and it works miracles.  Those who find it have the potential to do all of the above and more.  What are you constantly drawn to do that gives you that feeling of accomplishment and joy?  Though it may have nothing to do with your purpose, it’s likely that it does and can give you a clue – a direction in which to start seeking.

“Passion is contagious, and when you have the courage to share your passion for life with those around you, it can inspire others to find the path to their dreams!” ~Michele DeVille 

Keep in mind, though, there are passions that serve you and others well – and those that don’t. Just as an honorable, passionate woman brings beauty and love to the table, her counterpart, the naughty, greedy (equally passionate) gal can ruin lives faster than you can say Desperate Housewives. And you men are equally responsible for some horrible passion mishaps…just saying.  Is Your Passion Honorable?  In a perfect world, I could give you a perfect answer, but we all know that is not going to happen anytime soon.  So, instead, I will give you the best one I know: it depends on what you believe is honorable.  And in that perfect world we would all understand the legitimacy of honor.  It is simple and really does fit in a nutshell: Love.  If what you desire is driven by love for someone or something else other than self and what you can get out of it, it’s honorable.

Acting from a place of love and intuition honors you as well as mankind.  Secondly, it will make room for you.  That means you won’t be fighting tooth and nail to express or work within your passion.  Furthermore, others notice you can’t stop talking about it with a broad, natural smile on your face.  It expands your world and makes your heart beat faster.  

Take an inventory of your passions and explore the possibility that they may be leading you to your authentic purpose.  Each piece of the puzzle will fit when it’s time, so be patient and give yourself a minute to process and create the body/mind/spirit environment for the whole picture to come into view.  Regardless of whether your passions have anything to do with your authentic purpose, enjoy them and allow them to play out in your daily life. Pursuing joy and freedom is actually an extremely purposeful way to live and will fulfill the most valuable thing you could ever do…being YOU!

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