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12 Feb

Valentine’s Day

Mon Amie


I hear you loud and clear ladies, trust me! 

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we all feel the cringe. Whether you have a special person in your life or not, the day can definitely be cringe worthy. This year I decided to dedicate my Valentine post to my single girlfriends! If you have any single girlfriends, how about you acknowledge them?! They are the ones who listen to you repeat yourself constantly and pick you up when you fall down. Let’s make them feel special and send them a Valentine. A card, candy, movie passes or a beautiful orchid would be a lovely gesture. If you are on Facebook, they make it really easy to send anyone anything ‚¬Â¦ that Zuckerberg is a clever guy! I used Facebook to send a girlfriend cookies last year. The tiniest of gestures will make your friend’s day! I remember last year my best friend who happens to be my sister-in-law sent me flowers, it truly made my day! This year let’s try to make a friend who is Valentine-less feel special. It’s important to be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds! Lastly, let’s make every day Valentine’s day by spreading love.

Pssst ‚¬Â¦ for any dudes reading this, if you want to acknowledge the day ‚¬Â¦ stop over thinking it and just send flowers! #thatisall

~Kisses House of Squirrels

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31 May

Hippie Chic

Hippie Chic

Could you imagine if Free People was around during the 70′s, more specifically, Woodstock? Hippies would be rejoicing everywhere that they could go to one store and find their boho, hippie chic wardrobe. In reality, Woodstock and the fashion that came from it possibly influenced Free People with their line of clothing and accessories. As I was putting this post together, it was so hard to choose my fave pieces to profile. Their site is full of wonderfullness. (Yes, I just made up that word) :) Anyway, I want all these pieces and much more!!! I could go crazy on their Spring collection ‚¬Â¦.it is off the hook good! Their fabrics are so soft and comfortable. In addition, their styles fit a lot of different body shapes. Easy, breezy, effortless clothes, that will look good on anyone! Squirrel approved!!  Shop their site here!

This take on a sweatshirt is so good! Yes, please!

This bag is beyond! We all must get one. Whose with me?

Bangles are on trend for Spring/Summer. We are loving these below for $28.00-a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

~Kisses Donte Calarco, of House of Squirrels

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12 Feb

Winter Whites

Winter Whites

The rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day is no longer a rule. In fact, the rule no longer exists. Wearing white after the Summer months has become a trend for years now. Winter whites are all over the runways and magazines. It also brings a certain elegance, and makes a women look beautiful. The different shades of white look good on almost every skin tone. It brightens your skin complexion, and has a youthfulness about it. Break out your whites and put them in your ‘all year around’ section in your closet. I personally, wear white 90% of the time, especially on the top ‚¬Â¦just ask a girlfriend of mine, they will attest to this -”that’s Principal Squirrel’s favorite shade to wear”! Here are some pics that can inspire your winter white outfits!

P.S. Is white even a shade?

Love, House of Squirrels

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15 Jan

Spring 2014

My Favorite Looks from NYFW Spring 2014

I was fortunate to be able to attend New York Fashion Week for the Spring 2014 collections. The city was pumping with energy and the experience was amazing. The runways showed a lot of feminine edgy looks. I have always been a fan of contrast- girly girl meets street style squirrel.

Below are my picks of the best from NYFW Spring 2014. JCrew was a huge stand out! The picture below was one of my favorite looks from their Spring collection. Pssst, check the shoes too ‚¬Â¦.so good.

Top look from Alexander Wang.

The whole Edun show was amaze! Clean lines and soft colors, this designer is going places!

I am a huge fan of Victoria Beckham dresses! This was one of my favorites from her Spring collection!

Thakoon. I see Dr. Squirrel in this outfit!

The winner for me was Rag & Bone. I am drooling over so many of their pieces. I think their best collection to date. These overalls are so amazing!

Rag & Bone crossover bag? Yes! I will take one!

All of Rag & Bone’s Spring shoe collection was off the hook! I want all of them.

Marc Jacobs never ceases to come up with brilliant collections. So many good pieces. The below color palette is the theme for his Spring collection. I am loving it!

Donte Calarco of House of Squirrels

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11 Nov

Isabel Marant / H&M

A Marriage Made in Fashion Heaven

Quick get your Nike’s on, there is a fashion orgasm about to happen! On November 14th H&M launches their collaboration with my top fave fashion obsession, Isabel Marant! This is fantastic! Isabel Marant chose her favorite pieces from all of her collections and created them again for H&M. Mark your calendars, and get ready for the fashion frenzy of the season! These pieces will sell out quick. Below are some of my favorite items from the collection ‚¬Â¦..I think I need all of it. :)

Do I really need to write more? I think not! So get Squirrel ready! Remember we are Squirrels, we always have the upper hand! November 14th!

~ Kisses Donte Calarco of House of Squirrels

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23 Oct

Cooper and Ella

Cooper and Ella

My recent “cruise by” of my local Cusp store resulted in a great Squirrel score- the discovery of HOS’ new go to brand for blouses, Cooper and Ella. First, how amaze is the name, Cooper and Ella? It sounds like the perfect names for a girl and a boy ‚¬Â¦non? Well, it happens to be the name of the children of the founder of Cooper and Ella, Kara Mendelsohn. After working in the fashion industry for big brand names such as, Calvin Klein, and Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kara set out to design a line of blouses that you can wear everyday. The blouses are romantic, chic, and can be worn from the office to evening effortlessly. The best part is they are affordable, without loosing quality of fabric or fit!

I tried on every Cooper and Ella blouse that Cusp had, and the fit is divine!  This is my favorite part of what I do, discovering new brands to share with all of you!  HOS’ style gospel of this new line has already spread across my girl friend network of Squirrel Girls ‚¬Â¦soon enough they will be on every woman’s must have shopping list when it comes to the perfect blouse!

The best part is when you are shopping via the site here the shipping is free! The reason? Because they love us! This is a win, win situation, and I find that sentiment a lovely gesture for their customers. To see what stores carry Cooper and Ella click here.

Below are some of my favorite blouses from Cooper and Ella’s Fall Collection. I need to add this top to my already growing collection of their blouses ‚¬Â¦.check the detail on the arm, it is so brill!

Black and white is big for Fall, and Spring 2014. This blouse could be worn for both seasons!

Yes please!

Squirrel likey a lot! As you have read in my previous post “There’s a Jungle Cat in My Closet” , animal print is big for Fall. I am digging the cheetah print hearts. I think I need this blouse too! :)

When I went to Cooper and Ella’s site, I read the ‘About’ page and saw this beautiful picture of Kara and her children, Cooper and Ella. Not only are HOS big fans of the line, we are so inspired by a Mother of two following her dream and realizing it to reality!


~Kisses Donte Calarco of House of Squirrels

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11 Aug

Millennials Trendsetters?

Are Millennials Trendsetters?

When I was asked to write about the Millennial generation fashion sense, I first had to figure out what defines a Millennial ‚¬Â¦and if I were one? As I was doing my research I took this online survey that determines if you are a true Millennial or not. The big reveal is at the end of the post.

Millennials are typically born between 1977-2000, and make up for 25 % of the US population. 105 million Millennials are spending money on consumer products and, as a result, are setting the trends for one of our biggest industries, fashion.  Last year, Millennials spent $200 billion, and with their influence over their parents (mostly Boomers) Millennials’ spending reached up to $500 billion a year. (Source: Millennial Marketing)

Rihanna is one of the most powerful Millennials of her generation. At the age of 25 and over 30 million twitter followers, Rihanna has a huge influence on fashion and what Millennials will be wearing. Boyfriend jeans are all the rave and haven’t stopped since they came out on the fashion scene a few years back. Rihanna, shown below in London, is rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans with a Stella McCartney top and heels. What would our Boomer parents think of our ripped jeans with a designer top and heels? I can speak to this personally ‚¬Â¦they think we don’t have enough money to fix our pants. My Dad has no idea why we want to wear ripped jeans. If Rihanna does it that makes it okay, right?

Boyfriend jeans worn a couple different ways by the most influential generation to date.

Another influential Millennial is our girl next door Country Pop Singer, Taylor Swift.  Taylor is 24 years old and has over 29 million twitter followers. Her style is more preppy/chic with a slight 50 ‚¬Â²s girl influence. Back when our parents were growing up, stripes were considered part of a uniform, now it is a huge fashion trend. Taylor has a powerful platform to influence her fans, and when she wears stripes this equates to girls running to their local Gap or J Crew!

Millennial Girls showing us how to wear stripes!

Then there is Kristen Stewart. Kristen has single handedly brought back the casual look with a touch of grunge and made it look cool. Kristen also has made wearing sneakers with everything a fashion trend. Converse has seen a huge revival and people are wearing them with everything ‚¬Â¦no matter the occasion! Another fashion statement my Dad would bark at ‚¬Â¦Ha!

Millennial Models making the “casual” look, look sexy!

Tennis shoes with a platform? And with a skirt? So good ‚¬Â¦but Dad would be eye rolling.

Or the combination of all three: Striped blazer, Boyfriend jeans, and Converse. Wait, this sounds like a Squirrel Girl not a Millennial! :)

Now my Millennial test reveal: I failed at being a Millennial by three points ‚¬Â¦.so I will sit happily in my Generation X category.  Besides, I am in the company with one of our style Queens ‚¬Â¦Ms. Paltrow! GP never disappoints us with her red carpet looks or street style ease. Gwyneth is a style icon of all generations and has a twitter account of over 1.5 million followers ‚¬Â¦not bad for Gen X’er!

~Kisses House of Squirrels 

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