05 Jan


“The sacred call is transformative. It is an invitation to our souls, a mysterious voice reverberating within, a tug on our hearts that can neither be ignored nor denied. It contains, by definition, the purest message and promise of essential freedom. It touches us at the center of our awareness. When such a call occurs and we hear it – really hear it – our shift to higher consciousness is assured.”
-David A. Cooper, 1994

In this passage, David Cooper writes about the shofar, the ram’s horn sounded in synagogue services during the Ten Days of Penitence. But there are a lot of different ways that ‘the sacred call’ may be expressed. The fact that we are pursuing our spiritual growth, that we are allowing ourselves to be more of who we really are, shows that we have heard that call! We know that life has meaning, and we are transforming our own lives to reflect that.
-Lissa Coffey

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