06 Jan


“Nothing in all nature is so lovely and so vigorous, so perfectly at home in its environment, as a fish in the sea. Its surroundings give to it a beauty, quality, and power which is not its own. We take it out, and at once a poor, limp dull thing, fit for nothing, is gasping away its life. So the soul, sunk in God, living the life of prayer, is supported, filled, transformed in beauty, by a vitality and a power which are not its own.”
-Evelyn Underhill, The Golden Sequence (1932)

We are spiritual beings, and in this human existence, where we encounter conflict and stress, we often feel like a fish out of water. We must immerse ourselves in our spirituality, and let it be our home. We find solace in our spiritual practices, whatever they are for each one of us. And then we can bring that good energy into all aspects of our lives, so that feeling of spirit is always with us.
-Lissa Coffey

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