06 Jan


“ Spiritual living is a fulfillment from moment to moment, in which the outer person is in a state of living rapport with the inner being and becomes an extension thereof.”
-N. Sri Ram (1889 – ?) Thoughts for Aspirants, 1972

A lot of times we tend to separate our “outer life” from our “inner life.” Maybe we’re working at a job we hate just for the money, while our heart aches for something more. Or we can’t seem to find that certain relationship we’re longing. We can come up with all kinds of justifications for these things. But there’s always a solution. To fully integrate ourselves, we’ve got to make our outer life an extension, or an expression, of our inner life. We’ve got to develop that rapport spiritually within so that we understand how much power we have to create anything in our lives.
-Lissa Coffey

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