05 Jan


“How can such deep-imprinted images sleep in us at times, till a word, a sound, awake them?”
-Gotthold E. Lessing (1729-1781) German dramatist

Last year, the images of 9/11 were vividly presented to us on television – so much so that we couldn’t get them out of our minds. We were consumed with information, and watched with tear-filled eyes and we tried to make sense of it all. Now some time has passed, and we’re starting to feel normal again. But this anniversary has brought up a lot of the same sadness and questions that we experienced one year ago. It is important for us to take time for reverence and remembrance, to acknowledge the events that took place and the far-reaching impact on our lives. And then, as time goes on, it is important for us to move on, too – knowing that the memories remain, there for us to call upon and reflect upon at the appropriate times.
-Lissa Coffey

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