05 Jan


“ The natural world is dynamic. From the expanding universe to the hair on a baby’s head, nothing is the same from now to the next moment.”
-Helen Hoover, The Waiting Hills, 1963

It is true that we are constantly changing. We understand and even welcome change when it comes to nature. We look forward to the warmth of Summer after a rainy spring. We do not mourn when Autumn turns to Winter – because we realize that it is time moving forward, that it is all a part of the cycle necessary for growth and evolution. And still, as humans, we tend to resist change, to deny it, or fight it. But Nature and its laws understand that we all fit into the big picture, and so we are along for the ride, like it or not! We might as well enjoy it, appreciate it, and learn and grow from the experience.
-Lissa Coffey

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