05 Jan


“You might not have thought it possible to give birth to others before one has given birth to oneself, but I assure you it is quite possible, it has been done; I offer myself in evidence as Exhibit A.”
-Shiela Ballantyne, Norma Jean the Termite Queen (1975)

Since this is Mother’s Day week, I thought we’d look at motherhood, and quotes from women about the subject. The whole concept of “giving birth” is fascinating. And I’m not talking about the biology of it, but rather the process of renewal. We can give birth to an idea. And when raising children we are helping them to give birth to themselves. As mothers, we help these young people to discover who they are. And if they could only see themselves through our eyes, they’d know. If we could see ourselves through our mother’s eyes, we’d know.
-Lissa Coffey

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