05 Jan


” Leisure is the mother of Philosophy.”
-Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)

Leisure is our topic this week. We’re in the midst of summer and I hope it is what on our minds at least some of the time! Remember the “Leisure Suits” that were so popular in the 70’s? As if we needed the appropriate attire to lounge around in… It seems funny now, but it was so stylin’ then! But maybe the real point was that we didn’t necessarily need the suits, but we did, and do, need the leisure. In some strange way, that was brought to our attention. When I saw this quote was from Thomas Hobbes in the 1600’s – I thought – it could very well be from another famous Hobbes from the late 1900’s- Hobbes the tiger from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip! Bill Watterson doesn’t draw that strip anymore, but there are so many classics of his that make the same statement. Maybe that’s how he came up with the name?
-Lissa Coffey

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