05 Jan


“Desire is the very essence of man.” – Benedict De Spinoza, Ethics

Interesting word, “desire.” It evokes a lot of feeling. No wonder so many pop songs use it to describe a heart’s yearning… can’t you just hear the Backstreet Boys now? “You are my fire, my one desire!” Desire is man’s great motivator, it spurs us into action! Through action comes experience, achievement, accomplishment, and many great things.

So, you have a desire… now what do you do with it? Of course, you want to fulfill it! We are busy fulfilling our desires everyday, and sometimes so easily that we aren’t even aware of what we are doing. Let’s look at the mechanics of desire fulfillment:
1. Recognize the desire.
2. Evaluate the desire – do you REALLY want it?
3. Create an intention to fulfill the desire.
4. Release the desire to the universe – state your intention clearly.
5. Give up any attachment to the outcome… anything can happen, and
it’s usually better than we ever could have anticipated.
6. Let the universe handle the details – don’t try to control or
manipulate how things happen.
7. Express gratitude!

-Lissa Coffey

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