05 Jan


“Any creative endeavor is channeled, whether it be music or art or theoretical science. We have the capacity to tune in to energies and to convert them into reality for ourselves.”
-Frank Alper

At one important scientific conference, a group of scientists announced that with all of the new technology and their vast knowledge, that they could create life all on their own, with no help whatsoever from God. A reporter in the room challenged them and asked for proof. The scientists, confident in their claim, invited everyone outside for a demonstration. There, in an open field, one of them scooped a handful of earth, and said: “This is where we will begin.” And God’s voice was heard from above and He said: “Use your own dirt!”

This is a cute joke, and it calls our attention to the fact that we are creative beings, and that creativity comes from the Source of All things.
-Lissa Coffey

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