22 Oct

Why My Cancer Was A Gift

Ash Archambeau
Ash Archambeau is Kitchen Koach LA, helping you and your kitchen get along! As a cancer survivor Ash improved the functioning and healing of her body through diet and lifestyle changes. With that spirit in mind, KKLA can help anyone interested in making change in their lives- particularly in their kitchens. Along with helping individual clients and writing for Body Temple LA, she recently went to the final callbacks for Food Network's reality series "The Next Food Network Star". Currently she's taking on new clientele working with a non profit in East LA helping lower income families integrate healthy eating into their homes. For more info on how Kitchen Koach LA can help you check out www.KitchenKoachLA.com.
Ash Archambeau

Well cancer is an issue I have personal experience with and by the grace of God I am here to talk about it and share some powerful tools to help those with cancer and those who want a preventative approach to their health. 

As a pre-teen I had chemotherapy and radiation which left me menopausal —and basically with five years of vitality destroyed from my body. I have to be frank, I was lucky, and while a scientific mindset would attribute my outcome to my treatment, I attribute it to grace. 

While sitting in church looking up at the statue of Jesus on the cross (which was a rarity because I only went on holidays with my Catholic grandparents) I was experiencing a great deal of nerve pain sitting in the wooden pew (which had been going on for months due to my tumor pressing on sacral nerves).  Then all of a sudden my whole body became hot and the nerve pain just stopped. I leaned over to my mom and told her that my pain just stopped, and that my left foot stopped feeling numb. During my next round of scans my tumor was no longer visible. 

It’s funny, I barely remembered this incident because I was so young and I was really so ‘unimpressed’  and ‘turned off’ by religion, but ironically while at the same time of my treatment I was praying repeatedly the prayer of St. Peregrine on the medal of St. Peregrine (the patron saint of cancer patients). To be completely honest it really hasn’t been until the last few years that I realized what a remarkable gift, and merciful blessing I was given. Sometimes it’s not until we are in dire circumstances that we allow ourselves to become spiritualized, and worse, when the bad passes we forget all about it, and how grace was what truly lifted us. 

I’m here because I don’t want people to undermine the power of spirit and self effort to heal the body, because I have experience with both—ten years ago and even just this morning. 

So here’s where I’m going with all this: There has been many successful accounts of disease and specifically cancer, being destroyed with out chemo or radiation and simply by a high alkaline diet, breathing, and connection to grace. I have definitely experienced the power of breath and grace daily in helping me to stay healthy, but I also experienced the power of an alkaline diet to help give the body what it needs to self heal. After a few months of eating about 3 pounds of vegetables a day my periods came back and my body functioning (namely it’s natural hormone levels) became completely normal, something my doctors hypothesized was a slim to none outcome. 

Now, recently my Grandma has become another story where grace, breath, diet, and self effort has paid off.  She was going through chemo and it was making her utterly decrepit (and she’s in her 80’s and was still doing aerobics classes a few times a week!) Then her prognosis took a turn for the worst and our family was rallying to try and “make her comfortable”. But then she opened her energy channels, connected to grace very earnestly and consistently every day, and went on an alkaline diet. She’s made a remarkable turn around. Her prognosis is better now than it was after her chemo! 

I urge you to keep reading to hear more about the tools you and anyone you know can use to better your health— mind, body, and spirit— whether you have cancer or not. 

ALKALINE DIET: At the bottom of this article I have included a list of all alkaline and border-line alkaline foods. 

For healing the body you want to be eating at least an 80 percent alkaline diet–which is not hard, but it takes some planning in the kitchen and cooperation with family who want to help. (For those who want to “be healthy” eating 60 to 70 % alkaline is a great way to start.) The basic principal of high alkaline is that when our body’s Ph is above 7.0 it is very very difficult for disease to grow. Disease (especially cancer) feed on acidic environments– blocked energy in the body (from deeply rooted negative emotions) and acidic Ph– normally the culprit of sugar, animal based fats, and salt. 

Here’s a very special medicinal food recipe from this book I highly recommend called HOW TO CURE ALMOST ANY CANCER AT HOME FOR $5.15 A DAY, because it’s simple and it’s something everyone with cancer should read before surrendering their only life chances to chemo and radiation. It’s a wonderful guide to before, during, and after treatment. 


The recipe is an alkalizing and oxygenating recipe that really kicks cancer cells in the butt, no chemo required. It was discovered by German scientist Johanna Budwig. Here’s direct from the book: 

"For a therapeutic dose, take one -third of a cup of flax oil and two thirds of a cup of cottage cheese and mix it well together in a bowl and let the mixture sit for five to eight minutes. Then put the mixture in a blender and add berries and walnuts and almonds. Mix it in a blender on the “Liquefy” setting. Do this every morning. Once you’ve gotten rid of your cancer, you should keep on doing the Budwig protocol, but you can scale back to a maintenance dose: use about half the amount of flax oil and cottage cheese you were using for the therapeutic dose." 

Henderson, Bill; Andrew Scholberg (2009-09-01). How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day (Kindle Locations 340-343). Online Publishing &  Marketing. Kindle Edition. 

One great resource to help with alkaline diet/lifesytle (I’m talking great recipes!) 


TEA: Please do yourselves a favor and read about ESSIAC tea and the remarkable stories of curing cancer with this simple herbal formula. I highly recommend trying it along with a high alkaline diet. 



Start doing three rounds of alternate nostril breathing every morning, noon, and night alone in a private environment (and not at a hospital because there’s sick energy floating everywhere!) This breathing starts to unblock the energy channels inside the body– it’s the best detox for your life force and will also help anyone who’s sick get back her energy. 

GRACE: After doing the breathing, sit and do LIGHT MEDITATION or slowly on the out breath mentally repeat the name of God you like (i.e. Jesus, Krishna, Mother, Father, Om, etc.) You will actually start to experience that grace, not just believe in it. The more you sit and connect the stronger it gets and the more you feel it working inside you. When you’re energy channels are open your body becomes more receptive to higher energy or grace. The light meditation is very powerful and I highly recommend it along with repetition of divine name. Anyone who does the breathing and connection to grace practice (which is basically a very calming meditation) starts to get help immediately. Do it morning and night, and if you can at noon as well. Grandma has been doing the breathing and feeling more and more of Mother Mary’s grace every day! 

For reference for alternate nostril breathing and light meditation check out the drop down menu HERE:


WORKING ON NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Finally, I cannot recommend the Emotional Freedom Technique enough as well. Through this pressure point system you can get at any negative emotion and erase it permanently. See it for free at the link below. It has been useful for PTSD, severe addiction, grief counseling, rape trauma, and anxiety in adults and children for COMPLETELY GETTING RID OF THE PAIN with out talking about it, years of counseling, or drugs,  and just in one 10 minute session– no joke. EVERYONE should use it on their fears, angers, and sadnesses, (especially after hearing about having a disease) because we are what we attract– we get rid of our fear of our disease, we don’t attract that negativity. 

For reference on the emotional freedom technique and how to use it check out the drop down menu HERE:




Barley Grass

Beet Greens







Chard Greens


Collard Greens Cucumber



Edible Flowers


Fermented Veggies Garlic

Green Beans

Green Peas





Mustard Greens Nightshade Veggies Onions

Parsnips (high glycemic) Peas





Sea Veggies

Spinach, green Spirulina


Sweet Potatoes Tomatoes


Wheat Grass

Wild Greens


Dandelion Root

Kombu Maitake Nori Reishi Shitake Umeboshi Wakame





Banana (high glycemic) Berries

Blackberries Cantaloupe Cherries, sour Coconut, fresh Currants

Dates, dried Figs, dried Grapes Grapefruit Honeydew Melon Lemon

Lime Muskmelons Nectarine Orange



Pineapple Raisins Raspberries Rhubarb Strawberries Tangerine Tomato

Tropical Fruits Umeboshi Plums





Tempeh (fermented) Tofu (fermented) Whey Protein Powder




Chili Pepper Cinnamon Curry Ginger Herbs (all) Miso Mustard Sea Salt Tamari


Alkaline Antioxidant Water Apple Cider Vinegar

Bee Pollen

Fresh Fruit Juice

Green Juices

Lecithin Granules Mineral Water Molasses, blackstrap Probiotic Cultures Soured Dairy Products Veggie Juices


Calcium: pH 12 Cesium: pH 14 Magnesium: pH 9 Potassium: pH 14 Sodium: pH 14

UNKNOWN: The following foods are sometimes attributed to the Acidic side of the chart and sometimes to the Alkaline side.

Brazil Nuts Brussel Sprouts Buckwheat Cashews Chicken


Cottage Cheese Eggs

Flax Seeds Green Tea Herbal Tea Honey Kombucha

Lima Beans

Maple Syrup



Organic Milk (unpasteurized) Potatoes, white

Pumpkin Seeds Quinoa Sauerkraut

Soy Products Sprouted Seeds Squashes Sunflower Seeds Tomatoes


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