16 Apr

What is Healthy?

Ash Archambeau
Ash Archambeau is Kitchen Koach LA, helping you and your kitchen get along! As a cancer survivor Ash improved the functioning and healing of her body through diet and lifestyle changes. With that spirit in mind, KKLA can help anyone interested in making change in their lives- particularly in their kitchens. Along with helping individual clients and writing for Body Temple LA, she recently went to the final callbacks for Food Network's reality series "The Next Food Network Star". Currently she's taking on new clientele working with a non profit in East LA helping lower income families integrate healthy eating into their homes. For more info on how Kitchen Koach LA can help you check out www.KitchenKoachLA.com.
Ash Archambeau

I am so honored to be a part of Lissa’s team of spreading ancient wisdom for our modern life! 

For over a year I’ve been writing a nutrition and food article every week, so choosing a great starting blog for Lissa’s site was hard for me to narrow down– or should I write something completely new? Then POW! Out popped this baby– no need to write something new because the past has truly proven it’s potency in many ways. This article came from the definition of health in the ayurvedic system and it’s one I share with all my clients as they create change in their kitchens and their lives. Cheers to your health! 


I wanted to share a very beautiful and practical definition of what “healthy” is. It is not a one-sized fits all diet, being fanatical about your weight and appearance to the world, or pretending that everything is fine when it’s not.

“That person who always eats healthful foods and maintains a wholesome lifestyle, who discriminates wisely, remaining unattached to objects of the senses, who gives and forgives, loves truth and serves all equally– he or she is without disease. One who is established in the self, whose digestive fire is balanced, whose bodily tissues are functioning properly and whose wastes are formed and eliminated normally, whose soul, senses, and mind are working together consciously, harmoniously– such a person is called healthy. ” – Ayurvedic definitions of health

In order to see any of your practices which are throwing you off balance, break up your patterns. If you never eat breakfast, start. If you stay up late every night of the week go to bed and hour earlier. Shake yourself up enough times and you will honestly see what your body needs to be healthy. Deep down you know what habits, patterns, environments, and foods your body needs in order to be healthy. You really do, and never let those voices inside let you believe otherwise. This week I figured a recipe would only get you a meal. These ideas might give you a whole lifetime of healthy. Start looking inward.
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