05 Jan

Toy Story 3

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Grade: A

Toy Story 3 is the kind of movie that is easy to love.  We already know the core characters, Woody, the loyal cowboy voiced by Tom Hanks, Buzz, the brave astronaut voiced by Tim Allen, and Jessie, the sweet cowgirl voiced by Joan Cusack.  The characters are ageless, timeless, because they are toys.  But as the movie starts, we see that their “owner” Andy, has aged quite a bit.  The toys are in the box, just waiting to be played with, and Andy is off to college.  The adventure begins when Andy’s mom insists that he decide what to do with his things – take them to college, put them in the attic, or donate them.

There is something so touching and poignant about the loyalty, the love, the companionship that exists not only between Andy and his toys, but amongst the toys themselves.  These are real, fleshed-out characters that we can totally relate to.  And the villain is this pink teddy-bear – so clever!  The writing is wonderful.  And we are swept away in the amazingly beautiful 3D artwork.

Absolutely loved it.

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