12 Feb

The Tipping Point

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

As most of you know, coffeytalk is one of four newsletters that I write.  It all started with Wisdom News four years ago, and then last year I added coffeytalk and What’s Your Dosha, and just recently I’ve been doing Family Everyday.  It has been amazing for me to see the growth of this community, both in terms of involvement on the discussion board, and numbers!  I started with just a few friends from my address book, and now we’re up to about 22,000 subscribers all together!  While this is wonderful, in terms of e-mail newsletters we’re still relatively small.  I’ve been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point”, and thinking about how we can get to that crucial place where our little seedling can become a full-fledged tree.  Is it just slow and steady, and a matter of being patient? Or is there some event that needs to happen to set off a chain reaction that allows us to reach for the sky?

So, let’s get back to basics.  How many friends in your address book would benefit from Wisdom News or coffeytalk?  If each of us gets just a couple of people to subscribe we can grow our numbers exponentially!  And that just helps all of us because we’re all connected, we can learn from each other.  The more contributions we have to the discussion board the better because there are more opportunities to learn and grow.  And maybe in our community we’ll find some happy surprises.  Anyone out there know Oprah? ?

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