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Carolyn Stonecloud-Bearde
I was born in the middle of America. My mother was of Cherokee descent and my father, a flaming Irishman. I can remember always “knowing” things, even as child. It was confusing for me, because I found that many things around me just didn’t seem to “fit”. I would frequently find myself wondering why my parents did or believed certain things.

When I was 3 1/2 years old we lived on the island of Adak for about a year and a half. At the time, Adak was a Navy island located in the Aleutian chain off the coast of Alaska. It’s truly the middle of nowhere, about 700-800 miles from the tip of Russia. It’s wet, cold, strange and mysterious and the earth quakes up to 14 times a week. Its silence is deafening. It’s a place where you can see forever. I believe that my inner soul began its journey on that island.

My early years were fraught with insecurity and wandering, trying to find the real me along with deeper more important connections that I knew had to be there. What a very long journey that has been.

Those insecure years made me search for more answers. There is an answer for everything in the Universe. It may take time to find it, but it is there.

Through study and meditation I began to realize that my inner self had been trying to break through all my life. The weird feelings, tremendous uneasiness and anxiety began to speak to me instead of torture me. The relief was immeasurable. I knew I had to find a way to take my discovery out to those who sought the relief I had found. There are so many of us out there. So I began to teach what I call an Inner Development Series. I love it. I’ve seen people grow by leaps and bounds as a result of a little bit of trust and effort.

My bottomless love of music led me to major in that subject in college. Music always has and always will nurture and feed me. I create and use tones that I feel are healing and soothing in my audio meditations. I offer the meditations as my gift here.

It took me many years to realize that I had a gift in the area of clairvoyance. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I began to pay particular attention to that. Even then it was a friend that clued me in to my gift.

I’ve spent the last 30 years as a professional Clairvoyant. I’ve consulted with people of all walks of life, including Doctors, Corporate Executives, Lawyers, Teachers, Film & Television Producers, Actors, Housewives and Entrepreneurs etc.

I formed a very unique group of Sensitives that work from time to time on missing children’s cases and was on the board of directors for the United Sensitives of America. But I get the most gratification teaching others to find that “thing” inside of them that knows the truth, and knows what to do in any given situation. It changes everything for them as it did for me.

For decades I was a single mother. Raising my son and daughter has been the greatest privilege of my entire life.

Later in life, I met and married the man of my dreams...my true soul mate. He was a creative genius, an Emmy winner and prolific writer and producer of some of the world’s most successful and beloved television shows.

Suddenly and unexpectedly my precious soul mate died in my arms on April 23, 2017 and my world crashed like a meteor striking earth at epic speed.

I am a spiritual seeker. My beloved Chris was a spiritual seeker. I know that the pain of losing him couldn’t be so cutting if the life we were given together hadn’t be so amazing. So I have to know how blessed I was to have him here with me. He visits me often. Our love and relationship continues.

I believe that we are all blessed with the ability to “know”. I also believe we are here to love and support one another, and to learn from one another.

My life took a very big turn when I decided to use my inner gifts publicly.
Carolyn Stonecloud-Bearde

“Reality for me is layers and layers. The proof is in your soul.”          

                                                                  ~ Luiz Antonio Gasparetto

I heard about Luiz Gasparetto sometime in the early 90’s. I was already working full time as an intuitive and had been exposed to many modes of divination and philosophies, all of which I found fascinating. But Luiz was something apart from all the rest.

Luiz claimed to channel great master artists such as, Renoir, DiVinci, Monet and many others. He wasn’t overly dramatic about it, though there was a bit of Cecil B. Demille in his presentation.  With eyes closed, in minutes he could create a copy of a master painting or a painting in the style of whatever artist he was channeling at the time. He even produced some of his work with his toes…really, with his feet under a table.


He was a very handsome man from Brazil. He had a sweet, gentle manner. He didn’t strut or make claims…he just painted. His mother sat beside him and held down the canvas. Someone had to hold it down because he moved with such speed.

His head would go up and down. He would lay his head on one arm while drawing or painting with the other hand. It was dazzling.  When he completed one piece he would grab it, throw it dramatically into the air and before it hit the ground he was already working on another.

What I had seen on film was so improbable that even I wondered if there was a gimmick. I put it in my satchel of miracles in the sky and didn’t think of it much.

Perhaps a year later a client of mine invited me to come and meet Luiz. She said he was going to be at a friend’s house doing an evening seminar and would I like to go.

I was a single mother of two of the world’s greatest kids and money was tight. How much it would cost to be in an intimate setting with this dynamo? I didn’t want to ask, but I had to. “Oh” she said, “There’s no charge. He just likes my friend and he likes doing this seminar.” I couldn’t possibly turn this one down. And by the way, I asked…what’s the seminar about? The answer came back that Luiz was going to show us how to channel the art inside. Hmm….Well I had to go anyway.

It seemed like we drove forever. It got dark and the roads got more and more narrow, and then went from blacktop to dirt-top. I have no idea where we ended up, but it was pitch black. We parked in front of a very small and simple home in a very isolated and modest neighborhood. This was not at all what I had expected given the publicity I had seen and the many television shows he had appeared on.

There were about 10 people there. The hostess had set up a 4-foot table for Luiz to work on, in a very small living room. The furniture had been pushed back to make way for folding chairs. I remember the house had small windows and wood grain paneling. It had a soft and inviting vibration. The people were quiet and kind. I looked around to see what I later learned were works of art that Luiz had done and given to the lady of the house.

On the seat of each chair were a stack of 8 by 10 papers and a box of colored pencils. I picked them up, sat down and thought to myself. “God, if these people ask me to draw it could get really sad.” But really, I just came to get a close look at Luiz.

Everyone quieted down. Luiz took his seat at the table and his mother sat near the end. I never heard her speak at all.

In his very beautiful Portuguese accent he began to speak about his work. He spoke of how he felt when the great masters would come in to channel their work through him. He said that the vibration was mighty and powerful and he was going to show us how to pull the art out of ourselves in a similar way.

He talked about humanity and philosophy and God. He was a beautiful man speaking beautiful words in a sweet and peaceful setting. I distinctly remember thinking that his goal was to get us to reach for something deep and profound inside ourselves. He was there for us because he believed in a deeper connection for us and hoped that we would reach for that through his message of inspiration. I liked him a lot. But I still didn’t want to draw. Nope.

He led us in a short meditation and then he did a demonstration. I was overjoyed because I thought perhaps he wasn’t going to create a piece and I really wanted to see that up close.

He closed his eyes and arched his head way back. His arms were outstretched and straight. His hands hovered just above the canvas resting on the table. His fingers were curved like a master pianist waiting to attack the keyboard. Suddenly he reached for the chalk on the paper and began a flurry of strokes with the chalk. I was sitting maybe 6 or 7 feet from him. His head bobbed from side to side and back and forth. His mother held tight to the canvas. The sheer force and speed of his movements would have propelled it off of the table for sure.

I couldn’t tell what the image was going to be. He was silent, but his movements were frenzied. I could see a man’s face begin to appear. His hand was all over that cloth. Back and forth, up and down. Round and round. In about 2 to 3 minutes he grabbed it and threw it over his shoulder and began another, this time with paints. He painted with his fingers, no brushes. In another flurry of energy and a sort of madness another piece of art began to appear. He reached into pots of paint, his fingers scrambled across the canvas like spiders running from fire. He continually turned his head every which way. His body was in constant motion and he never opened his eyes that I could see. Once again he snatched it, throwing this one to the side. Then he was done. Oh, I forgot to say that he also signed the original artist’s name

I wanted to jump up and scream and applaud. I started out of my seat when I realized that everyone else in the room remained still and reserved. So I backed into my seat pretending to adjust myself.

Luiz got up to go and wash his hands. I don’t remember who went to retrieve the art from the floor. It might have been his mother and the hostess of the event. When they held them up, I was looking at what seemed to be a perfect copy of Da Vinci’s self-portrait and Renoir’s Discarded Roses. I’m not an art expert, but man they looked incredible, just incredible!

Luiz came back and sat down to start the seminar portion of the evening. All I could do was stare at him and stare at what he had just produced in less than 10 minutes.

He asked us to pick up our papers and pencils. Everyone did. I didn’t want to, but I did. He told us to quiet ourselves and led us through another meditative process and then told us to more or less cut loose, let fly and create.

I looked around and saw people in various modes of what looked like very odd behavior. Heads bobbing, eyes closed and papers flying. They looked so bizarre to me. It just wasn’t the same as looking at him do the exact same thing. The woman sitting next to me was bobbing and weaving and sort of bouncing up and down in her chair. She was so serious. “Okay”, I thought. “I’ve got to get going here.”

I took the pencils from the box I had been given and began to scribble. After a minute or so, I began to have fun, although I’m sorry to say that Monet or Van Gogh did not visit me. If only. It makes me laugh when I think back about it. The room was full of shuttering forms, twisting necks and flying paper.

After a while everyone was exhausted and starting to sweat. Luzi called time. We all picked up our sheets of self-induced insanity. I surely was NOT going to show mine. I folded them up before I even looked at them. Everyone else was showing his or hers around. I saw some of them. They were…colorful. I took a quick peek at mine. I thought it mostly looked like a child’s version of stars. I like stars. Okay, that’s a stretch.

We finished the night with Luiz speaking words of inspiration and love. He encouraged us to dig into ourselves and never be apologetic for the beings that we are. For my part, I thought my work that night was pretty pitiful. But I didn’t go there for that. I went to see Luiz. His kindness and caring struck me from the start and it carried all the way through the evening.

As we all milled around and got ready to leave, I felt a presence behind me. I turned and looked up to see Luiz smiling at me. He was a very striking figure. He reached out his hand and I reached mine out and we shook hands. As he held my hand he said to me.

“Thank you for coming. I’m so happy to see you. You are a very profound lady.”

We stayed like that for a few seconds. His eyes were so deep, his true caring and kindness shone through greatly. Then he turned a walked away.

I walked out into the black cold night feeling very peaceful and deeply touched. My client and I didn’t talk much on the way home. I don’t remember the ride very well. I don’t know what happened to my “art” from that night. It seemed to disappear with the fluid experience. I sort of wish I had it now.

Luiz spent his life channeling, painting, speaking and caring for the poor in Brazil. He has lifted up many lives. He lifted me up that night. To my knowledge he used his talent for the benefit of others. He didn’t get rich. I think he sold his paintings in support of the poor in his home country.

When I decided to write this blog, I looked him up. There’s not much in English. I looked on Wikipedia and found him. It was in Portuguese. I used Google translate and learned that he died May 3, 2018 of lung cancer. I think he was a truly great being.

I don’t know if he actually channeled master artists. But I do know that is the way it came through to him. That’s what it felt like to him. And he didn’t deny or hide it. There was no attempt on his part to make it palatable to society with more acceptable or commercial phrasing. He was true to what he believed and what he experienced.

There’s so much around us that will not ever be explained. Well, maybe when we pass from here and the molds of circles and squares we are taught to accept and squeeze ourselves into no longer have meaning to us.

I know for sure that something grand lives inside of every human being. That greatness can be had here, in this place. I think that people like Luiz Gasparetto come here to show us that. He knew it and wanted to inspire it in others.

Just writing this and thinking once again about Luiz and that magical night makes me aware of it. It also makes me know that I’m wasting precious, precious time when I lose touch with it.

Start looking now for your true Self. It’s in there. Like Luiz said, “The proof is in your soul.”


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