31 Aug

The Doshas and Money

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Our doshas have an influence on how we handle money.  If we are aware of these tendencies, we can work to become more diligent and responsible with our spending habits.

Vatas tend to spend too much money.  Vatas love to shop, and are often impulsive with their spending.  They are likely to have things in their closets that they have never worn.  One strategy for Vatas would be to have money automatically deposited from their paychecks into a savings account.

Pittas don’t like to spend money, but they do splurge on special items.  Whether it is a piece of jewelry, or a nice car, if they really want it, they will save for it and get it.  They are goal oriented, and will work hard to achieve their goals.  Pittas need to be careful not to be workaholics.  A good strategy for Pittas would be to allocate certain hours for rest and relaxation and not even think about work during that time.

Kaphas are really good savers.  They avoid shopping, but when they do have to go out, they look for bargains.  Kaphas also tend to hold on to items for longer than necessary.  They think that they are saving by doing this, but in most cases, it is causing some inertia.  A good strategy for Kaphas is to go through their closets and drawers every few months and donate unused items to charity.

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