31 Aug

Subtle Aspects of Kapha

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

We don’t necessarily need to know all the subtle qualities of each dosha in order to stay in balance.  However, having this knowledge can help us when we need to address specific conditions.  It also helps us to understand more about how nature works, and how it expresses through our doshas.  Each dosha has subtle aspects that express in unique ways to perform various functions.  These are the subtle qualities of Kapha:


-Calming.  Seated in the brain and the heart region, this aspect of kapha helps us with emotional stability.  It also improves our memory.

-Lubrication.  This is the fluid in the joints of the bones.

-Moistening.  This is the secretion of mucus in the stomach and elsewhere.

-Perception.  Seated in the mouth and tongue, this shows up as saliva that helps us taste food.  It also helps with the first stage of digestion.

-Support.  Seated in the lungs and heart.  The basis of phlegm and other actions of kapha corresponds to the watery essence (plasma) distributed by the actions of the heart and lungs.


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