20 Oct

Stay Safe This Halloween

Robert Nickell

Robert Nickell

Robert Nickell, aka Daddy Nickell, father of 6, offers his "5 cents" worth of advice to expectant and new parents. Daddy Nickell is the founder of Daddyscrubs.com, delivery room duds and daddy gear for dads, and the Daddyscrubs.com blog where he covers topics about parenting and the latest baby and kids gear, all from a Dad's perspective.
Robert Nickell

As a daddy to six, I know a thing or two about wanting to
protect your children from all of the world’s evils. It seems certain seasons
and holidays tend to bring out the crazies, Halloween being one of those
crazy-induced holidays.

Here’s a bit of advice from a dad who wants to ensure you
and your kids have a safe and fun Halloween.

Trick or Treat: I
think most people would agree; getting free candy is amongst the more enjoyable
things in life, and your child will probably want to try their hand at the fun.
In order to stay safe this Halloween, trick or treat with your child during the earlier evening hours. Walk from door to
door with them allowing them to partake in the trick or treating experience
while knowing they are safe and out of harms way. If you have older children,
you can drive them to different neighborhoods that you know are safe and hang
out while they visit the homes in the neighborhood. Give them a meeting place,
a time and a cell phone. Lay out the ground rules ahead of time so you and your
child can stay safe while having fun.

Party-in: While
scavenging through neighborhoods filling pillowcases with candy and more appealing
Halloween tradition, it can be just as fun to have a party at home, which is
what my wife, kids and I have done for the past several years. Everyone dresses
up, you decorate your house to look like a haunted mansion, and you invite
other close friends and family to come enjoy in the festivities. With your own
bowls of candy dispersed throughout the house, you and your kids can indulge
their Fall sweet tooth in a fun and safe environment.

Out and aBOOut:
Generally, many towns and cities have festivals and activities for this season.
You should check around your town to see if there is a pumpkin patch, a corn
maze, a wagon ride or a haunted house that you and your child can attend for
fun. It will give you all something festive to do without overindulging on too
much sugar or making a haunted mess of your house.

Check the Bounty: If
your children do go out to collect candy from strangers, make sure you inspect
the goods when they get home. Throw away candies that are open or questionable.
It’s probably also good not to let your child eat as much candy as he can
stomach in one sitting. Teach them self control and responsibility by allowing
them to pick out several pieces of candy a day. You can spread the candy out by
sending some in his lunch pail and by eating a little yourself, of course!

Good Rules of
It’s always important to lay out a few good rules of thumb –
or in this case, zombie-thumb – before letting loose. In the case of Halloween,
make sure the neighborhoods you’re visiting are safe and well lit. If a house
is dark, don’t go up to it, and make sure you select a time and place to meet
if you aren’t walking around with your child. Your kids should carry a cell
phone and walk with a group. Remind them not to get in anybody’s car or go in
anybody’s house.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you stay safe and have

Happy Halloween!

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