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Join CoffeyTalk’s 7-Day Sleep Retreat!

The Better Sleep Council’s research found that 79% of people say that they would feel better and more prepared for the day with an extra hour of sleep. 74% of people over the age of 30 say that they have difficulty concentrating and higher stress levels after a bad night’s sleep. And 30% of people are willing to pay $100 or more for an extra hour of sleep at night!


With this in mind, we’ve come up with a solution. No, put away your wallet – sleep is not for sale – but we will take you on a seven-day sleep retreat so that you can get that great sleep that you crave. You don’t even have to go anywhere – all of our sleep suggestions can be implemented right in your own home. Ready? Let’s go!

Lissa is the spokesperson for The Better Sleep Council

Also, download the 7-day sleep retreat sleep chart!

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