31 Dec

Sages and Scientists

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

At the Chopra Foundation’s 2012 Sages and Scientists Symposium brilliant minds from all over the world gathered to share their thoughts about “The Merging of a New Future.”  It was a stimulating conversation, filled with revelations and sprinkled with optimism, with topics that ranged from medical research to leadership in business, and even some social media.  I can’t imagine any one other than Deepak who could bring together such a fascinating array of speakers and entertainers!  We heard from former President of Mexico Vincente Fox, General Wesley Clark, Chemist, Quantum Physicists, Corporate leaders, and more, and we were entertained by upcoming musical groups Black Opera, Caught A Ghost, kid’s dance troupe The Miniotics, Flamenco dancers and a group of male acrobats to performed on poles!


By the way, all of the volunteers at the Symposium looked fabulous wearing the Jnana Yoga tee-shirts from WearLuck.com.  Jnana Yoga is the path of knowledge, so it’s perfect for this conference!  Each of the speakers received a tee-shirt in their gift bags as well, and we got tons of great comments on them!

Here are some of the highlights of the conference that I caught on video:


Dr. Rudy “Rock Star” Tanzi accepted the Spirit of Rustum Roy Award for his contributions in Alzheimer’s Research.  I was fortunate to get an interview with the late Dr. Roy during the 2010 Symposium and you can see what he had to say about the “New Science” in this video:

Dr. Rustum Roy



This year I was delighted to interview Dr. Lothar Schafer – he had so many amazing things to say that I ended up making his interview into three videos!  Here’s one:

Lothar Schafer on Consciousness



All of the attendees, including me, were impressed by what two young men are accomplishing to help solve the world water crisis.  Here’s my interview with Mike Muniz from Generosity Water:

Mike Muniz, Generosity Water



Leonard Mlodinow is Deepak Chopra’s co-author, their book is “War of the Worldviews.”  It was great speaking with him and getting a behind-the-scenes perspective.  Here’s what he had to say:

Leonard Mlodinow



One of the most popular entertainers was poet/rapper J. Ivy.  He performed with his beautiful and talented wife.  You’ll be hearing a lot from this guy:

J. Ivy



Carlos Dominguez gave a great talk.  He calls himself a “Tech Nowist.”  Find out exactly what that means in his interview:

Carlos Dominguez




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