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Sacred Geometry Designs

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Nature gives us beautiful examples of sacred geometry all around us: snow flakes, pine cones, or the petals on a flower to name just a few.  We see sacred geometry reflected in the designs of holy places such as the pyramids, cathedrals, mosques and temples around the world.  Many scholars, both ancient and modern, believe that everything in the physical world is based on the sacred geometric patterns of creation.  These patterns are symbolic codes of our own inner realm.  When we study these codes, viewing and contemplating these forms, we get a glimpse into the inner workings of The Universal Mind.

The Shri Yantra, and the Flower of Life are artistic demonstrations of these sacred geometric patterns that we can use as tools to deepen our own wisdom. I am thrilled to introduce you to a new design that I created for our Dharma Collection.  It’s based on the Vesica Piscis.  The Vesica Piscis is formed by the intersection of two circles whose centers touch.  This symbolic intersection represents the common ground, or shared vision, between equal individuals.  The shape of the human eye is a Vesica Piscis. This form often represents the mirror of the soul in art and architecture.  Additionally, the ratio of the axes of the form is the square root of 3, which alludes to the deepest nature of the triune.

In “What’s Your Dharma” we look at the four Yogas, and how these define for us the four paths of our life, our four purposes.  There are many areas where these paths overlap, and there is a unity where they all meet, and become one.  I started thinking of the four yogas as four circles, and drew the design that we have now made into wearable art, jewelry that acts as touchstones to help remind us of what is important in life.  These talismans help to keep us on our path.

I love this design for all the meaning behind it.  Where the Four Circles intersect, four Vesica Piscis are created. And at the very heart, the very center where they all meet, there is a square, a perfect four sided shape that has four sides, four angles, and represents once again the four dharmas or purposes.  I had this center area enameled in a pearl color.  Pearls are significant because they are the only jewel that grows from the inside out.  When a pearl is formed, it starts as sand.  The sand gets into an oyster and irritates the oyster, and then the oyster creates a kind of covering of the sand that then grows to become a pearl. This represents that beauty can come from adversity.  The pearl color is white, and white is the result when all the colors come together in light. This white light at the center of the design represents the light within each one of us.

On each circle I have written the four purposes: to love, to serve, to know, and to be.  The four circles are surrounded by one large circle, representing the Oneness of creation, the connection we all share.

This design, which I am calling the Dharma Clover, is simple, and yet so profound.  I have a few different versions so you can use it in many ways: as a pendant, a keychain, a bracelet, a hair-tie, a zipper-pull, and more.  Use your imagination!  Please send us a picture of how you use your personal Dharma Clover talisman.  See it online at http://www.DharmaSmart.com

You can read more about Dharma Symbolism on our What’s Your Dharma website:







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